So, easy and cooks within about 5 minutes. I make this type of soup all the time, something with the noodles and sometimes without. It is so quick and easy, with the exception of cutting the squash. Some stores (like Trader Joes) carry the squash all cleaned and ready to go.

I could eat this every day all day, and I love making variations of it. 


Broth of choice: veggie, chicken, beef

Squash: butternut, kobacha, acorn or whatever you have on hand

Vegetable:  shown here is spinach- use any that you would love

Noodles: any you love will do. I love the Ramen noodles that are made from rice and millet.


Depending on the noodles, you can cook all of this together in one pot. If the noodles need to be rinsed first, then you will want to boil them first and then strain them. If they do not need rinsing then you can cook everything together. I actually prefer heating them separately from the broth and veggies. You can cook them side by side as they take about the same amount of time. 

In addition, some noodles take longer to cook than others. I love the Ramen noodles which cook in 4 minutes.

Peel and cut the squash into bite size pieces. It usually cooks quite quickly. If you are using vegetables that cook in the same amount of time, then all that is needed to to put your broth into a sauce pan, add the squash and vegetables and let it cook on a medium to low heat for a few minutes. Pour into a bowl and add the noodles, if they were cooked in a separate pan.

Season as you wish!

If you are an egg eater, you can drop an egg into the broth and veggies and let it cook slightly in the mixture. This makes it like egg flower soup!