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New Recipes: Raw, Cooked and Cultured

It has been awhile since I sent out a Foodie News. I so apologize! Where does the time go? Truly, I am shocked that so much time has gone by so fast. I did put my time to good use though, and have lots to share about my cleanse and new discoveries for revitalizing the body through nutrition - coming in November!

In this issue I want to tell you about some new recipes for: Raw, Cooked and Cultured (fermented) foods, the basis for Essential Cuisine. Plus, I am including two fantastic book  and DVD recommendations that have inspired and enlightened me over time!

First, let’s get to the food!!

Raw: Cultured (fermented) Veggies. Are you making them? Learn why they are vital to your systemic and digestive health! Read the incredible results people are having after eating them for just a couple of days. Important! Learn how to harvest a batch after you make them!

Cooked: Learn a delicious way to simmer a  “loose chop and no peel” pot of onions and garlic in coconut oil for any dish, sauce or potluck! Here is another award winning recipe “Sweet Potato Frittata”. For those who eat eggs this is a fabulous gluten free recipe, unique and so tasty. You can replace eggs with tofu if you like.

Cultured: More on cultured/fermented veggies because they are so important. Here is my Award Winning recipe for the best Cultured Veggies for 2011 AgFest on Maui.

My favorite things!  It seems people want to know what moves me, so due to many requests here is the beginning of me sharing my library and loves like; DVD’s, books, equipment, recipes, menu, supplement, or whatever I think will interest or benefit you. Two in this issue:

1. Book:   Nature’s Secrets Hidden in Plain Site, by Elaine Wilkes, Phd. Oh my, this books rocks!! It is an easy, insightful, clever and humorous read. In it you will understand holistic medicine so much more, how nature can steer your toward the right foods and how you can obtain incredible guidance from nature. This book is a must and make a fabulous gift because it is so much fun and at  the same time informative! Get it on Amazon!! Or see:

2.   DVD Series:  What does FOG stand for? I’ll tell you, it stands for “Fog”, the state of mind you will continue to be in if you don’t watch this incredible documentary series titled “Frequency of Genius”. Purchase it with this bonus code: SXF97 for 10% off and will be thanking me! There are two DVD’s packed full intellectually engaging interviews, FREQUENCY OF GENIUS is an exploration of seven unique individuals who share their incredible solutions and extraordinary visions for present day humanity and for future generations yet to come. This series is awesome! Watch it with friends and family!

Coming Soon: Do you want to know more about cleansing? Are you thinking of doing a fast or a cleanse? I did one that knocked my socks off with results and repercussions that shocked me.  My Personal journal to optimal health and vitality through cleansing is coming!  Stay tuned while I share what you need to know about cleansing!

Remember to Make Every Bite Count!! Many blessings, Chef Teton



Holiday Favorites: Gifts + Recipes

Wishing you all a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy holiday season! Thank you for joining me on this journey as we learn and create together! Here are some goodies to help you make your holiday season Deliciously wonderful. Check out blog post for my favorite kitchen gadgets - all available on Amazon.

1. Woohoo. I am so excited for this Holiday. Not sure why, just decided to make it the best one ever. In the spirit of Oprah and her favorite things, I decided to do same. Don't get too excited......they are not coming to your door, although I would love to do that. I am merely sharing them to make your life in the kitchen more enjoyable and of course, healthy!

2. There's more. My DVD's are divided into 3 sets plus the Teens DVD with Chef Landon - each making a great gift at an affordable price. We will gift wrap and send them to your favorite friend or relative. When making your order, specify in the special shipping section to Wrap ItRaw Food Basic, Sauces & Dresses, Cultured Veggie sets.

3. Two Award Winning Holiday Pies: one raw and sweet, the other cooked and savory. I was so excited to win 1st Place in the Farmer's Union Annual ThanksGiving feast and dessert contest. Check it out: Raw Coconut Cacao Mousse Pie. For those who do not live where fresh coconuts are abundant, use dried coconut flakes. Soak and blend them with a little sugar water and/or honey and spread on top of the mousse. Make sure you get the unsweetened flakes.  Pie is good with all berries!

Another Award Winning Recipe is a fabulously luscious holiday dish great for potlucks, brunches, or family gatherings. Gluten free Sweet Potato (crust) Frittata (with carmalized onions, and cilantro). You can make it ahead of time, then just warm and serve.

4. Into The Future: The 4 Week Dietary Makeover Mastermind

Are you challenged by creating a diet that is exceptional and supportive for your health and beauty?? Do you want to kick butt, nourish and fuel yourself with every bite. Do you want to have flowing digestion, excellent absorption, flexible joints and glowing skin? Do you want to be EXCITED about food? Do you want to be INSPIRED to nourish and please yourself with every bite?

In hearing from people all over the world about how much they love my DVD's and how the simple recipes have inspired and delighted them, I also hear from people that they would like more guidance, menu planning and community. So, let's create our own cyberspace kitchen and change our diets together in the 28 Day Dietary Makeover teleseminar course.

Let me know what your needs are, and stay tuned for this course while we all gather together!

Wishing you a beautiful holiday time full of blessings. Be safe!

Making every bite count,



New Dietary Makeover Course + Great Recipes

Woohoo! Announcing the new Dietary Makeover Mastermind Course plus 4 Great Recipes from Essential Cuisine, the culinary practice that includes: Raw, Cooked and Cultured/Fermented Foods. For those who want a coach and want to learn how to use the Chef Teton DVD's here is your chance: Dietary Makeover Mastermind Teleconference Course, a couse designed to take you through my DVD series and learn how to create powerful new foods into your life to create a dietary practice for life. I will take you step by step and we will learn together. Teleseminar course starts March 2nd. Listen to an Audio Interview Here about the course. Space is limited!

Raw Food Recipes: Two great Raw recipes:  Apple Almond Lemon Salad and Raw Buckwheat Cereal with Coconut Cream. Both of these salads or cereals are great for a family, potluck and/individual servings.

Cooked Food Recipe: it seems to be the day for millet. This Ayurvedic Millet with Coconut Milk is to "live for". It is easy, healthy, nourishing and oh so luscious and rich. Another great meal for a group or party.

Fermented Food Recipes: Now you are in for a treat. Here is how to make Ogi, the fermented millet porridge that is a staple to African people. This is so easy and so nutritious and delicious.

Making Every Bite Count! Chef Teton



New 4 Week Makeover Course + Travel Tips

Four Week Dietary Makeover Course is now on-line to access any time. Radically discounted to my list for a limited time only. It contains:

1. All of my DVD Cooking Shows streamed on-line

2. Weekly Audio Recordings

3. Course Curriculum

4. Recipes with pictures and without for easy printing

All laid out for easy access in a week-by -week format - easy for you to follow: Read More & Get it Now For Big Savings! New Blog Post "Pack & Go Travel Tips"  Click here to read!

Aloha Everyone,

I have been traveling for 3 months, headed home to Maui today. I am proud to say that this was one of the most productive trips I have ever been on. That said, it was so productive that i did not have space to write you more often and share all the things I learned. That will be coming though.

Here is a little of what I accomplished. I created a whole new 4-Week Dietary Makeover Course that has all my DVD's streamed on line, with recipes, audio courses, shopping lists and other resources. It is awesome, providing all the guidance and resources you need to create a whole new dietary lifestyle.

I also filmed a new DVD series called "Healing Foods". It will be out in late August. Then came Yoga. Spending most of May in a small retreat called "Xinalani", just south of Puerta Vallarta in Mexico, I attended a yoga teacher certification course. The good news is that I lived through it, and I received my certification! There is tons more to report on this journey, and the health challenges I had and overcame. The story, which dramatically reveals more about the power of vitamins, minerals and taking care of our teeth, will be forthcoming.

For now, I wanted to offer you the 4-Week Dietary Makeover at this introductory price of only $49.00. The price will be going up to $99.00 in the next week. So take advanage of this now.

Contact me if you have any questions. Meanwhile check it out! 4-Week Dietary Makeover!

Blessings to all,

Chef Teton - the new Yogini!



November Newsletter

The Best "Fat" For Your Coffee and Tea

Put all ingredients in the Vita Mix and waalaa! Yum!  Read more about how to use this sauce!

Coming soon: A New E-Book:

How I got a flat tummy! With bonus' on how to lengthen your spine and give yourself the lift you need. It takes more than food and exercise, and is my secret for a flat stomach. Coming soon. We don't have to have a pudgy, drippy, oozing stomach just because we are over 40, 50 or even 60. If I can do it, you can do it!  Check out my 'tummy' results on my Dietary Makeover page.

Making Every Bite Count! Chef Teton



December Newsletter

3 Holiday Gifts for YOU

My Holiday Wish for YOU!

1) Profound Stewardship

It has been an absolute pleasure helping people from all over the world eat better. It is thrilling for me to receive your notes, ideas, questions and thoughtful comments. Thank you. Since my body has been my own laboratory I continue to learn. I too have health issues that crop up now and then, some cravings along with lifestyle and scheduling challenges, and probably some core beliefs that effect me unknowingly in some way. Since nutrition, bad and good, has affected my life so dramatically I have chosen it as my path of stewardship. Read More.

2) Holiday Special: My 4- Week Dietary Makeover is being offered for the remaining holiday season at the same low price that will last only until January 1, 2013. Make this year the best one ever by becoming impecabble with your diet, and/or give the gift to another. Team up with a friend and go for it. Learn all about this remarkable course that will be yours for one entire year! Read More.

3) Again I want to introduce to you a very special book that might bring you stories and tools to tame that busy mind of yours. In addition to stewarding our bodies, taming out minds must be next. My friend, author Jasmyne Boswell has written a great book with her stories and wisdom. For only $9.95 you can purchase her book, "What if the Problem is Not the Problem, 4 Practices for Peace of Mind", and receive a companion audio meditation, and 17 other free bonus gifts – A spiritual smorgasbord from transformational leaders worth over $500 — gifts that can awaken your spirit, enhance your sexuality, recipes of dynamic foods, music for heart opening, transformational exercises, inspiring stories, including my e-book as a bonus from myself!  Order Here!

Recipes Ideas for the Holidays from my Blog:

Kale Chips:Perfect for traveling or gifts. Make them in your dehydrator or oven. Store in glass jars for freshness. Tie a ribbon around the jar and you have a lovely simple gift. Or, take the on a plane or day out shopping. These salty yummies will satisfy you and people love to receive them.Oatmeal Date Apple Cookies: Ohhhhh, these are so good. They make such a great gift and are good for pak and go too. I don't know about you, but when I am out and want something sweet, or am stopping to have coffee or tea with a friend, I am so happy to have a few of these in my bag.  Then I don't have to give into a gluten laden "less than excellent" hearty treat.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds in Coconut Oil: There is not a soul I make these for that does not "ooooh and ahhhh" over them. They are so simple, great for gifts filled in a mason jar, yummy on salads and super for pak and go. Use Barlean's coconut oil and celtic sea salt for perfection of flavors.

Blessings to all, Chef Teton



February Newsletter

What Do I Do With Vegetables?  

February Blog posts will be devoted to VEGETABLES! Woohoo!

Ahhh, the precious VEGETABLE. Everyone knows what healthy food is, and everyone knows we would benefit from eating more of these precious whole foods. Yet, people still approach me asking, "What do I do with VEGETABLES?  Actually, to tell the truth, I get it.

Before we get started with VEGGIES I want to let you know that I added a new catagory to my Blog, which is called my "Journal". It includes some of my personal food adventures as well as some writings/stories from my up coming memoir and cook book. Posted recently is a fun missive, called My Girl, which might awaken you to relate to your body in a new way. Read My Girl here.

Now, let's get ready for VEGETABLES!

When I go to the farmers market, or a local farm where I can pick my own VEGGIES, I ALWAYS over buy. I just can't help myself, especially when I get to pick my own. It is so much fun to pull a huge beet out of the Earth, that I do it over and over again. Then I spend the next few hours trying to figure out what I am going to do with them while they are still fresh, and/or whom I am going to give them to.

If you are like me, my recommendation is to shop for your fresh VEGGIES at least 2 to 3 times a week. It is vital, though, that you consider your own lifestyle, where and when you buy, and how much time you will have to consume your new beauties. When I used to buy once a week, I would get too much at once, so now I shop more often. Fresh food takes more frequent shops. That’s all there is to it. For me, I would almost rather go without than to have to throw them out.

So, when you have been lured by the beauty of fresh produce, along with the intent to eat tons of them in the coming week, you better be prepared to gobble them up within a few days before they loose their appeal.

This months posts are designed to help you organize and come up with simple, yet delicious ways to consume all the beautiful produce you just brought home from the market or the garden. Check into the Blog during the month because there will be many more posts all about VEGETABLES! Below are 3 to get started with:

Learn how to revolutionize your life with the new “4-Week Dietary Makeover”, an online course that delivers a dynamic approach for a dietary lifestyle like the Centenarians.  I promise this course will awaken and inspire you with a diet delicious enough to last a lifetime.

At age 67, I finally found the right combination of Raw, Cooked, and Cultured Foods. Join me as we journey ahead with strength, vitality and fun.

 Click here to learn more.



March Newsletter

Inspiration: Yours and Mine  

Oh gosh, if we could only be fully inspired by the mere fact that we get to breathe. If we think and feel deeply into that, most of us will find that we are inspired by that fact. But, it remains, that when we forget about the amazing gift we have been given, our inspiration often wanes with simple tasks, dramatic change, and/or repetitive chores.

Inspiration is something I am always striving for, and at the same time often challenged to keep fresh and alive. Don’t you just love it when you are motivated by authentic inspiration? I do. I love, love, love how it feels, like I can't wait to jump in the minute my feet touch the ground in the morning.

Why am I talking about inspiration? Well, I guess the question is up for me. I want to know what inspires you too? How do you keep your inspiration alive and bubbling inside of you?

In my JOURNAL post this month I am sharing a short story excerpt from my book, Seed to Soul, about how I was initially awakened and thus inspired to change my son’s diet. When he was 10 (over 30 years ago) I had my first dramatic and very challenging experience. I titled the post, “How My Son's Health Changed Radically in Two Weeks”.

The experience was so profound that I have been inspired to stay on my health food advocacy journey ever since. Read my short story here. Then I would love it if you would make a comment and tell me what inspired you to shift your diet, to be healthy, or to even care? Let’s help each other by discovering what inspires each of us, and what keeps that inspiration alive and burning bright.

If your inspiration is not alive, if it has diminished, do you know what you need to boost it back into full throttle? What do you need to light your fire? How can I help?

One thing that might help you become inspired about your health, and move you into greater action is to review the movie "Hungry for Change". The good news? You can watch it FREE online from March 21st - 31st. This movie says it like I learned it first hand 30 years ago. It might also help you inspire someone else who has been closed to thinking that food and diet do not really matter that much.

To sign up for free screening click on the icon "Hungry For Change" as your scroll down the linked page on my site. It will take you to the Free screening sign up page.

As promised, here are more quick and luscious veggies recipes to inspire, nourish and please you:

This 4 - Week Dietary Makeover is designed to show you how to awaken your senses beyond the word "diet" by providing you with foods your body loves and your palate craves.

At age 67, I experience pleasure instead of deprivation, feel complete instead of full, and satisfied instead of wanting.  You too can live with strength, vitality and fun and I am here to show you how.

Revolutionize your life with this online course that delivers knowledge, skills, wisdom and freedom.

 Click here to learn more.



Foodie News: Almond Seed Cheese, Squash & Sauerkraut

Making Every Bite Count A Little Background! Essential Cuisine is an integrated opportunity to experience the Golden Elixir in life. Nourishing our bodies and the Earth equally is the path to vibrant longevity.

Essential Cuisine combines the best of raw, cooked and cultured foods. It is a dietary Practice created to fit the lifestyle of those who want to get the most nourishment possible by ‘Making Every Bite Count’. The inspiration is derived from luscious flavors and textures, highly functional super foods, alkaline foods, probiotic rich foods, artisan oils and a healthy combination of organic whole foods from the Earth.

Why Raw, Cooked and Cultured?

Many people striving for the optimal healthy diet move to Raw Food Cuisine. This is a great way to begin to cleanse and nourish oneself, but it is not always sustainable for various individual reasons. Some foods are actually healthier when cooked and we can often eat more legumes, alkaline grains, and vegetables when they are cooked. Essential Cuisine also includes Probiotic rich foods such as Raw Sauerkraut, Kefir and other naturally fermented foods. This is a dietary practice of the centenarians, those living to be 100 years of age in perfect health. As you acquaint yourself with this culinary treasure you will discover the best of all worlds and adopt the perfect balance for you.

Today’s Recipes

Raw Almond Soup and Seed Cheese

1-½ cups of blanched almonds 2 cups of filtered water (add less water for seed cheese) ½ cup fresh lemon juice 1 tsp cumin 1 glove garlic 1 tbsp Barlean’s Flax Oil 1 tsp salt

Blend until creamy smooth. Enjoy this soup topped with chopped veggies.

Seed cheese can be made with plain almonds or from the recipe above. You will love it made with the recipe above! It is just delicious and I love spread on top of the Buckwheat Pizza Dough.

Blend it like the soup, but with less water and pour into a sprouting bag. Hang overnight while it ferments and sets up. Refrigerate the next day and enjoy on crackers, wraps or as a veggie dip.

Cooked Squash………….hmmm.hmmmm good.

This is a Buttercup/Kabocha type dark green squash with a rich flavored flesh. Wash and bake it whole in 350-degree oven until a fork pokes through easily (about 30 to 40 min depending on the size). Cut open and serve with Barlean’s Coconut Oil and Sea Salt! Oh, this is truly orgasmic!

Probiotic Rich Sauerkraut

I just made the best batch ever, but was a little concerned when I first harvested it. It was slightly slimy…….ewuuuuuu. But it smelled fine. What happened was that I put a bunch of blended sea veggies in it…….much more than usual and that is what made it sort of slimy. But, when refrigerated it came together beautifully and tasted amazing. Another key ingredient was the 3 jalapeño’s that I added.

This is as close as I can get to the recipe:

2 heads of cabbage 3 tsps sea salt (to taste) 3 chopped jalapenos ½ cup mineral mixture (sea veggies ground into a fine powder).

Follow cultured veggie instructions from the Culture Grain package and the Chef Teton Cultured Veggies & Kefir Kitchen DVD.

Let me know how you veggies are going and what recipes you love. Check into my Blog and lets get good at this together!!!