Introducing Imi'ola, The True Value of Aging On Purpose


Introducing Imi'ola, The True Value of Aging On Purpose


It seems that my life took this journey through food, health, addiction, and environmentalism for some reason, and now with a spiritual revolution taking place (so to speak), perhaps my story in Eating As A Spiritual Practice will awaken a part of the reader to see how they can combine their spiritual growth and intentions toward their own self care and the shape of a new future. My hope is that learning about Imi'ola will give you a place to plant your intentions.

To start with my favorite things, I want to start with the Gold metal of our mind and our brain. What we think, our beliefs and all the emotional turmoil we experience can often be changed by simply paying attention to our thoughts and what drives our actions - becoming more conscious. But, there is another part of our thinking and our mind that can be nourished and taken care of so we can keep on thinking, learning and communicating as we age. This comes with nourishing our brain in the same way we nourish our bodies. There is the physical brain and then there is our thinking. So often, we cannot steer our thinking more positively if we are suffering from an unhealthy brain. 

Now that we are obtaining wisdom, let's not loose our smarts!  Many of us make fun of and/or laugh at our new found forgetfulness in our aging mind. We will often hear comments such as,  "I had a senior moment", or we laugh about not finding our keys - over and over.  But, it is really no laughing matter because this forgetfulness can escalate. With the loss of adequate nutrition and oxygen to the brain, and the use of pharmaceuticals, Dementia is taking a lead in senior death rates. 

Could it be that a pill will help? I wish. Our brain, just like our muscles, joints and organs needs valuable nutrition, no poisoning, and exercise (oxygen and challenging use). If we keep learning, (the reason for programs such as Luminosity), they say we can build more brains cells. Use it or loose it, as the saying goes. I have found this to be true for me. Because I still work, and was not raised in the tech age, I have had to struggle at times to keep myself current. I am grateful for this because the more I study, the smarter I get - or the less stupid I get. I have taken on learning new systems with this approach, which is a good thing, because at first I resisted it like crazy. Now, I say to myself, "I can learn this". 

All this being said, I did notice that my brain was sinking a bit. My mind and brain used to work faster than most, and I had a memory like an elephant (where on Earth did that saying come from?). Anyway, I noticed I was having a hard time focusing and remembering. Maybe it was that I was just not interested, which was somewhat true at times, but I seriously noted a difference - a decline. Then a miracle came my way. 

EHT, a pill. Yes, a tiny pill. The breakthrough technology of EHT has made a huge significance in my life. I have my smarts back, my quick thinking mind, and even my quick wit has returned, or so I think. Ha! 

I took EHT for about 30 days, not really believing it would make that much difference. As a matter of fact, I was introduced to it a couple years ago, but poopooed it, thinking it was just a pill and it would not make that much difference. Then something happened a couple of months ago, that said, "Do this". And, I did, and I am so happy I did, because all of sudden I noticed how smart I was, how fast I was thinking and how much data I could hold. It was like a veil was lifted. Renewed inspiration was birthed. Our brains/minds are so important, and we can keep them healthy, but I think we need every bit of help we can get in this day and age. There is more info about EHT in the video below, but I must say more first. 

Don't think for a moment that this little pill will take the place of good nutrition. We are learning a lot about brain heath now. Dr. Amen has been a pioneer in this search for keeping us smart. He even endorses EHT, but he also endorses excellent nutrition and staying away from the substances that dumb us down. I am going to speaking more on this in my next post. 

Watch this short video about EHT.

If you want to know more, then schedule a consultation with me, email me or give me a call. I will turn you on to some specifics and then refer you to someone who knows more about the science. There is so much more to this supplement than I can tell you - improved sleep, energy, and mood. I won't be without it!

Aloha, Susan



Coconut Banana (Plantain) Treat



Want something sweet, salty and satisfying? Want something delicious? Want something that will make you happy? This dish, I promise, will deliver the above. It is always so tasty. There is no need for any added sweeteners, unless the fruit is not ripe, and therefor not very sweet. You can always add a little honey if you must.

Use this same recipe for any fruit, and you can use a lot of different types of nuts and other toppings too. Here is the basic drill. Go for it!




1 plantain or banana
Walnuts (or nuts of your choice)
Milk (whatever kind of milk you would like to use)

Coconut oil or butter, cinnamon, Celtic Sea Salt

plantain 2.JPG


Cut up the banana or plantain into disc slices about 1/3 in in depth.

Heat the pan and add coconut oil or butter.

Sprinkle fruit (banana) with cinnamon (cardamon is good too). Saute the fruit in the pan, turning and re-applying the spices. When they are golden brown on each side,  place them in a bowl.

Smother in your favorite milk, and sprinkle with nuts of choice (walnuts are my fav). Yum

Get creative with the variations. Imagine that you could blend this dish into, or on top of, a fruit salad. It would sure sweeten it up!



Are You Going To Age On Purpose Or Be A Victim To Time?

The language around aging and disease blows me away. Think about it. How many times do you say something negative about yourself, or think fearful thoughts about getting a life threatening disease? How often do you pass the mirror and say you look terrible?

Don't worry, you are not alone. I do it too. Yet, I am becoming more and more aware of it, while also witnessing the power of being responsible for the gratitude and love that I give my body. I am also aware of how much harm we do to ourselves without even knowing it - without catching ourselves.

We have tremendous power to eradicate our patterns and it starts inside with our self talk and the feelings that correspond to them.

Every day we age, and every day we have a new opportunity to steer our vessel and life to where we want to go. How easy is it to walk in the kitchen to make a cup of jo? Easy, right? Well, creating a healthy, vibrant and beautiful life can be easy too. We just have to be on "purpose" with the process and learn new skills.

Now is the time to strengthen the skill of aging on purpose, of getting in the habit of a new self talk and self care that paves the way for aging with vitality and beauty.

Check out my FB live today on this very subject (only about 10 minutes long).  There is also a gift for you to get going on this new practice. You can also watch it below on YouTube in case you don't use Facebook.


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Are You Going Along?

Do you just "go along," or do you take a stand and follow your own guidance and protocol for choosing the right food choices and self care for you? If I was to inspire one thing for you, it would be for you to discover where you "go along" and where you keep in your power and stay on purpose with your own goals.

Watch my FB live video (it is not long), where I talk about the story in my book when I discovered I was often being "go along" Susie. I still find myself "going along," but am getting better and better at standing firm in my well being.

In the FB live I also offer a tip for how to make your own hemp milk, and why it is the easy and preferred way to get vitally needed nourishment from nuts and seeds. Although convenient, those packaged milks offer little or no value beyond calories and filling you up. There is also a link for my video on how to make nut milks. 

You can check out the FB Live Videos HERE or you can watch it below on YouTube.


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Baked Ulu (Breadfruit) Pancakes



If you can possibly get breadfruit, you will think you have died and gone to heaven. This starchy fruit can be used for so many dishes you will not believe it! Did I mention, delicious? OMG.

See the goupy stuff on the cookie sheet below. That is just ripe breadfruit, also known as Ulu. It can be cooked and used to eat like a potato, or in a stew, curry or whatever. When it is soft and goupy like in the picture below it can be used for puddings, pancakes, or any dish you want to be sweet. You would not believe how sweet this fruit is when it is ripe.

When we baked the cakes below and/or fried them in coconut oil (Barlean's Culinary Oil), they are so sweet you do not need any additional sweetener.

In the photo above, I cooked a chopped apple and then added some yogurt and cinnamon on top for an incredible breakfast or meal.


One ripe ulu (breadfruit)
Coconut oil


Preheat the oven to 350.


Ulu Instructions:

Peel off the skin and remove the core (it's very easy to do so when it's ripe).

Kneed the flesh on a board to make dough.

Grease the surface of a baking sheet with coconut oil to prepare for baking instead. Take a scoop and place the dough onto the baking sheet and spread it flat. 


Place the baking sheet in the oven at 350.

Bake for 10 to 15 minutes on each side (time depends on how thick the dough is).



It's tasty plain but you can also top it off with fruits and yogurt like I did. Experiment and see what works!

You can also refrigerate that which you do not eat, then have them available to pop in the toaster to warm and use with nut butter, avocado or just plain!





How to Do a Life Reset Without Moving or Starting a New Career


If any of you have read my book, Eating as a Spiritual Practice, you will discover that I made two extreme life changes within the story I told. These changes were not done on purpose – they seemed to just happen within a series of circumstances that popped into my life like a magic bullet. The first one was fun, exhilarating and new. It came after casting a prayer, “Dear God, there must be more to life than this, please show me.” The second one came as everything fell apart; relationships, job, car, house, and even my body. It was not fun. It was difficult, sad and scary.

Now, several years later after another huge change in my life, which involved me moving to Maui and starting a new life, I found myself desperately needing a reset of some kind. But what? How? I did not want to move. I did not really want to change my career, and I loved my tribe. So, I set out to create a new life in the life I had. This is what I want to share with you because if you are in a rut, if you need a change, if you need a reset, then my story might give you some good ideas of how you can do it right where you are.

1. Let’s start with the body. Mine was more than physically tired. I was not that happy and I was worn out and bored with all circumstances. My doctor said I was depressed. She tried to give me a pill after asking me about 10 questions. Yes, I cried a lot. I did not have the energy and enthusiasm to create in my life like I used to. I refused the pills and kept praying for answers. First, I did a cleanse, which included a parasite cleanse. Then I got body work as much as possible, which included acupuncture. My diet, even though clean, was cleaned up even more, and I began a more stable practice of Kundalini yoga. If only for 15 minutes each morning, this moved my breath and invigorated my soul.

2. I live in a large house that provides me the opportunity for guests or a roommate. I decided that even though the people that were here were good, there needed to be a change. It took a few months, but off they went to create their own lives. This created a huge space in my house for a few months before I set out to fill the space again. It gave me time to feel into what might be right for me. What did I want?

3. Here comes the good part. The new space in my home felt so good that it launched the beginning of a move within my own home. I changed rooms and moved from where I previously slept and worked. This caused me to clean out everything. De-clutter became the name of the game. It was overwhelming and took time.

4. I had got so behind from the years taking care of my Mom before she went to heaven. I am sure it had something to do with the fatigue and overwhelm, which manifested in slight depression. I needed help. I put it out to my friends over and over, and some responded over the year here and there, which was wonderful. But, then my friend Patty flew in from California for ten days. She came to make me dinner, play, rearrange and de-clutter, scheming creatively on my behalf. God sent me a heavenly angel to do nothing but serve me, and my home transition.

5. When I came home from taking Patty to the airport, I walked into a new office, and a new bedroom, a new flow of support for the life I wanted to create. My pictures were hung, the linens refreshed, my closets clean and my soul at ease. I still lived in the same home. I still have my same career, but it all felt new and refreshed. My body felt lighter, I loved my home and I felt loved and cared for. I am revitalized with a fresh start right here within my old life. I did not have to move, change careers, or leave my wonderful friends.

My purpose in sharing this story with you is to inspire you to take responsibility for your health and home right where you are. There are so many layers to self care. Self care goes way beyond diet and exercise. We need to look closely at our lives and see what we can do to refresh them. When we lighten the load of our belongings, we lighten the load in our hearts and minds. It creates space for the soul to shine through.

Many of us know this, but it can feel overwhelming when we have so much to do. This is when we must call on our friends and ask for help. If you don’t have the funds to hire help, and even if you do, there is nothing like ponying up with a good friend and rolling up your sleeves to be of service to each other. It can be fun. If it feels out of balance, then offer a trade. A tribe works together and we need each other.

There is another aspect of this self care I want to speak to and that is time. I believe we have to be patient, and give ourselves time to make transitions. A change in your diet, for instance, needs time and consistency. It took me almost a year to fully make this transition. It came in steps and was not always easy. If you stay close to yourself, and keep asking and following your heart and inner guidance, you will find the meandering path that is the route to your soul’s health and vitality.

Of course, there is more to this year of transition for me, but I wanted to share the highlights and plant the seed of the idea for you so that you too can look at your own home and life, and find where you might want to up your game of self care. As we age, if we want to stay light and vibrant, we must look into the vast areas of self care and take responsibility for creating a life of health and vitality.

To this end, I am committed to supporting women to take responsibility for their self care, and age with purpose, vitality and natural beauty.  

Are you one of these women? Schedule a complimentary consultant call - email me with your timezone and some date/time that would work for you.

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Finally, the Kindle edition of Eating as a Spiritual Practice is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time! This sale will end on November 30 so get your copy today! You can buy it HERE. And please remember to leave a review. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Aloha, Susan



A Must: Learn The Power Of Oral Health For Your Whole Body's Health!


A Must: Learn The Power Of Oral Health For Your Whole Body's Health!


Even though we have dental experts to call upon, we ourselves must be educated. Vitally important: The Functional Oral Health Summit!!

Listen to the The Functional Oral Health Summit.

Remember the days (depending on how old you are, maybe you don’t) that you went to the doctor and told him/her what was wrong and they prescribed something, presumably safe, and off you went home to heal and get better. Sometimes it was as simple as “take two aspirin and go to bed.”

Not only is it not simple anymore, we are required to step up and be our own health practitioner/physician to some degree. Even dental work is becoming complex.  But, even more than complex, we are finding that oral health can be the root of so many other problems. Two aspirins are not going to make it in today's world. 

I know that many of your are experiencing dental problems, so please listen in as much as you can to this wonderful summit starting today:

Click HERE to listen to the summit.

I thought my dental nightmare was over, but I was wrong. Recently I had to learn how to read my dental x-rays. Why, you might be wondering? Because my dentist did not catch what he should have in the beginning. Not only that, the x-ray he took did not show the root of the tooth, which means it did not show the bone around the root. So, an infection that was brewing for months went unseen by the dentist.

I trusted that they took and read the x-ray correctly. Pain kept coming and I kept being told nothing was wrong. I was also suffering from extreme fatigue and radical ups and downs, so I decided to take action. I had retrieved a copy of my x-ray and sent it to another dentist. That is when I was told that it was not a good x-ray. So, I went back to the same dentist for another x-ray, and still, “We don’t see a problem.”

Long story short, a brewing problem that the dentist could not see brewed to the point of bringing me to my knees with pain. A horrific infection went to the bone and broke me at every level. When we looked at new x-rays and old x-rays, we could see the infectious brew in its infancy. Now it was like a rebel teen creating all kinds of havoc in my body. I had also now become a good x-ray reader.

Are you bored yet? I don’t blame you. The ride I took once down on my knees in pain consisted of round of antibiotics, and a root canal. I said I would never do either of these again. But, quite frankly, I would have taken anything, done anything, bought anything, to get rid of the pain and get my body back in balance.

Trust me, I tried everything I could think of, all things referred by friends and trusted colleagues. But nothing worked. It was too late.

It is true. It is a new day, and we cannot throw caution to the wind any more. Two aspirin and bed is not enough. A simple filling is not enough. Now we must know more. We cannot always trust others. They, the professionals, are learning as fast as we are.

I am suggesting that you become as informed as you can about your mouth, your teeth, about oral health. The perfect opportunity is here for you to learn more with this fabulous summit beginning today.

Sign in HERE today and listen for FREE.

We must now be our own health care practitioners with the help of those who are pioneering a new, more vibrant way.

Aloha, Susan Teton

Are you suffering from any type of tooth problems? If I can help, I surely will. Schedule a call HERE. I have had a biological dentist for 15 years in Mexico, but it is not always easy for me to get there, so I have had to learn a lot on my own.



Read the Introduction of My Book, Eating as a Spiritual Practice

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Read the Introduction of My Book, Eating as a Spiritual Practice

Book Cover.jpg

Susan Teton Campbell

The path to my foodie awakening began when I became a mother in 1969. From early on, my son had debilitating allergies that were reversed with dietary changes when he was ten, yet when he hit his teens, I lost control and so did he.

When I was a teen and young woman, my diet centered on my aspiration to have a slim and beautiful figure. Thank God for vanity because it helped me stay somewhat healthy. My motto was just to “eat less.” I am sure I tried every weight-loss diet available at the time. Those diets were full of deprivation accompanied by some sort of theme that always meant, “Eat less.” When I awakened to the bigger picture encompassing food and agriculture in America, I went from being a foodie in the dark to a hard-core raw food vegan overnight.

But over the years, that changed again as I dug my fork into a steak and began baking my own bread. Somewhere, I found a balance that is still close to my original vegan diet, yet slightly more diverse.

The good news is that deprivation turned into abundance, and eating less turned into eating as much as I want and need. Weight loss never became an issue again, and now at the age of seventy-two, I have vital good health, strong bones, flexible joints, flowing digestion, good skin, and mental clarity (well, most of the time).

But, diet per se is not the point in sharing my journey. My journey in eating is more about how my adventure transformed and connected me to all life, providing a grand view of our social fabric and culture. It started with a prayer at age forty-seven, “Dear God, there must be more to life that this; please show me.” The answer to this prayer catapulted me into discovering my purpose. First, I found myself on Native American reservations teaching food as medicine, camping in the badlands with a small family of buffalo sleeping around my tent, to landing the job of a lifetime with the John Robbins’ organization, EarthSave International. (Robbins is the author of Diet for a New America, and more recently, The Food Revolution.) My mission was to inspire healthier food in our nations’ schools and to write the Healthy School Lunch Action Guide. Fresh off the land, I put on my corporate suit to address politicians in Washington, D.C., speak at national conferences on our children’s behalf, and address students in schools across America. I did this while marching into courtrooms to plead with judges to keep my son out of jail for drug related crimes. And we certainly can’t have all this adventure without a love story.

My journey, which is told in the first part of this book, was not always an easy one; as a matter of fact, at times it was horrifying. There were also times of joy, exhilaration, and deep gratitude, all laced with a profound sense of belonging and being lost at the same time. But, once engrossed in the world of food and agriculture, and witnessing the decline of our children’s health and the epidemic proportions of drug addiction, I could never look back. I was forever changed and, thus, entrenched in the soil of the Earth that feeds us, and the food that shapes our culture.

The first section of Eating as a Spiritual Practice is a reflection of my journey as a means to inspire you to connect to the larger world around the food choices you may be making. In my work, I find people are confused about diets; many are sick and know that diet plays a huge role in our wellbeing. Many know better but don’t do better. I understand. We get caught up in our daily lives and just go along the best we can without connecting to that expansive part of ourselves and the source that gives us life. We don’t take time or spend extra money on certain things that might be good for us because they fulfill no immediate need we can see. Yet when a life-threatening disease or circumstance pops up, we become powerful stewards to whatever the situation demands. We drop everything that gets in the way of saving our life, including draining our bank accounts, borrowing money, staying up late, or working like a slave. We will show up fully with every resource we have to reverse a life-threatening situation. Many of us will even start praying when we never prayed before because deep down in us lives the belief that a greater power will assist and save us. We have this power when we need it, and most of us know it.

What if we accessed that power without it being fueled by an immediate life-threatening challenge? What if we accessed it through our daily actions just for the love and appreciation of the gift we have been given? What if we became acutely aware of our choices today, fully aware that they are creating our world of tomorrow? Would it make our lives more meaningful, more fun, and healthier? Would it help us easily manifest our dreams and live without fear, sickness, or deprivation?

If you have strayed far away from the connection you need to steward yourself with daily appreciation and nourishment, it is not your fault. Somehow, in the last few centuries, we lost one of the most sacred relationships we have to the environment and our Earth, and that is “eating.” Eating is, arguably, one of the most intimate acts we do on a daily basis, and yet most of us are absent in the presence of its potential pleasure, nourishment, and the incredible results it provides for the quality of our ride here on Earth.

Since we cannot be well if the Earth is sick, we must also come face-to-face with the rise in life-threatening diseases and what lies ahead if we continue down our current path, specifically around eating. While this situation may be difficult to relate to, understanding it is vital to your health and future.

Now, we can’t talk food without some delicious recipes. The second section contains those. The theme is a lively combination of “raw, cooked, and cultured” foods. I call my method “Essential Cuisine.” Knowing what must be raw, what is best cooked, and the how and why cultured/fermented foods are powerful will help you simplify and end confusion, no matter what diet you choose. The recipes, mostly vegan, can and should be enjoyed with any dietary protocol. They offer all things essential for a good foundation of excellent nutrition, affordability, and simplicity, and let’s not forget pleasure.

Knowing that fruits and vegetables are healthy foods has not been enough to motivate the masses. When our blind spots are removed and we see more, our will is strengthened. Most want to do well, to aspire, to love, and to give. But we can’t do more, be more, and love more if we are sick. So I am hoping that along with my story and some yummy recipes, I can serve up some inspired motivation for you.

The results you may be striving for—weight loss, energy, better digestion, strong bones, and glowing skin are, for the most part, yours easily with the right foods. Acting with purpose presents even more radiant results like self-discovery, bonding, intimacy, friendship, inner authority, and joy. This is not a stretch, but the real truth about living with purpose and connecting to your sacred self-care. You may have a lot more fun too.

Please don’t think for a moment that this book is about putting your bowl of food on your altar and praying, smudging with sage before your meal, or falling on your knees before you enter the grocery store. My wish is that the facts and parallels between my story and your own will bring illumination to the bigger picture of your spiritual practice and daily choices for self-care. My intent is that in sharing my experience and perspective, you might awaken a part of you that you have not yet witnessed. Perhaps you, too, can let go of dieting and turn your focus toward love and stewardship, abundance and deliciousness, and pride and devotion.

A New Day

Our bodies are in danger, as we witness the decline of human health for the elderly, middle aged, and now, our youth. Food, we know, is at the center of building hormonal balance, mental clarity, flexible joints, flowing digestion, and emotional equilibrium. Taking care of our bodies is a must, but not enough. We must now take into consideration the land that nourishes us. We must heed the call of the Earth, the very place our food and water come from, the very place that cleanses us with the breath we breathe, the place that gives us life and takes us back. Clean air, water, and soil are at the heart of our life and health.

Healthy food can no longer be a temporary diet, eaten merely to lose weight, cleanse our bodies, or heal a sickness. It can no longer be the occasional meal at the health food restaurant, or the meal-for-a-day when on a diet. Now, like exercising, meditation, or yoga, healthful, nourishing foods must be integrated into our lives as a practice—a daily discipline that requires focus, innovation, quality, convenience, and consistency—one fueled by love and respect. Healthy meals are essential to the new way of life calling us home to the table.

Eating as a Spiritual Practice is a way of life—with nourishment, flavor, love, and respect for the Earth, and health and vitality as the essential ingredients. It is a dietary practice, but also an inner spiritual practice since it involves daily action, which we shall explore in the following chapters. It is a practice that awakened me to the power of food and introduced me to a wonderful new way to connect to the larger purpose behind my life, which is inspired by the strongest force in the universe, love.

Like most journeys, there is no clear, definitive end to my own. I am still on a path of discovery, laced with challenges and insights that reveal how the human garden is grown. I can see more clearly now that we reap, sow, grow, and maximize our God-given potential according to the choices we live by. What is clearer to me now is that this single act of reconnecting to what really matters, and merging our body and our soul, has to start now…

…and it starts in the kitchen.

Want to read more? You can purchase the ebook on HERE.

Read what people are saying about the book:

While typical cookbooks and dietary programs center on culinary instruction, Susan Teton elevates her food message by first sharing her epicurean life story – an unforgettable series of relationships, situations and serendipitous shifts that led her to an awakening of her life's purpose and a "remembering" of the foundational truth about food that she passionately advocates today: "eat from the Earth, not from the factory."

Most cookbooks tell you the what and the how; Susan connects with us emotionally through her story so we can understand the why – helping to open us up and stir in us a desire to deeply understand her gems of wisdom about food sources and choices.

In "Eating as a Spiritual Practice," Susan masterfully melds stories of her lifelong struggles and epiphanies with food. She shares the moment she made a pivotal realization that "our convenient food supply was consuming our natural resources and killing our ecosystems, both planetary and personal." She helps us remember that, somewhere along the line, we lost our connection with ancient wisdom. Indigenous cultures like Native Americans and Native Hawaiians have a profound understanding of our interconnection with nature, all of its creatures, our ancestors, Spirit, and each other. We are all connected. As Susan so beautifully reminds us, when we respect and care for the Earth that feeds us, it nourishes us in so many ways.

It's no surprise Susan now lives in Hawaii, immersed in an epic natural environment that is respected and protected by its people and where the beautiful Hawaiian culture permeates all aspects of life and the wisdom of our ancestors is revered.

Susan's life journey is rich, riveting and inspiring. When she manifests then mobilizes a national movement to improve school lunches, years ahead of its time, then hits the wall when it becomes clear that corporate sponsorships control the school cafeterias that dole out sugary allergy-inducing food options, we feel outraged with her. When she receives another late night collect call from her drug-craving son (whose processed food-induced allergies as a child were the catalyst to Susan's food activism), we feel her anguish as she realizes the roller coaster ride has begun again. When she stands at wit's end alone in a moonlit forest feeling a profound sense of being lost in life, we are uplifted with her when she hears the whisper ask: "Will you surrender?"

One of my favorite memories from Susan's story involves eating and a transformational spiritual awakening moment in her life – of course! It's the time Susan stood dazed and awestruck in a movie theater lobby eating an ice cream cone on a hot L.A. summer day after watching Dances With Wolves for the first time. She recalls how she felt inexplicably connected to the Native Americans depicted in the film, her tribe. Their wisdom and respect for nature and their understanding of the interconnection of all life felt so familiar... It was as if she was recognizing a long-forgotten Truth. She said in that moment: "I forgot everything and remembered everything, all at once." It was poetic, really: there she was eating a frozen processed food item (a symbol of her past self and old habits, dripping away) in the exact moment she awakened to a whole new path and purpose in life that would help nourish her body and her spirit, and eventually help others do the same.

Just as most cookbooks relay recipes as rules to follow, self help books tend to teach and preach. By simply sharing her story – in her distinctly witty and light yet soulful and deep personal style – we begin to see why Susan is so devoted to the food message and simple, approachable cooking lifestyle she is sharing with us. By the end of her story, we want to learn more. We crave an understanding of the food truths that she has come to know. And, we remember that eating is a spiritual practice.

– Joy Wynne Galatro

Knowing Teton and walking with her though a part of her journey makes my reflections spot on!  This book is deeply moving, truthful, humble, brilliantly inclusive, scholarly, and spell-binding.  I could not put it down.  I have recently come to largely plant-based eating with a profound spiritual connection to our earth and all creatures.  I've known for some time that the terrible abuse inflicted on our animals creates unspeakable stress that is deeply embedded in all their cells.  When we eat them, we eat the stress, murder, and horror.  Is it any wonder our current world view is hungry for a more loving way to eat and be together.  I'm buying lots of copies to give to my friends and families.  Teton's work is brilliantly written and totally congruent with Susan's walk. Teton has circled the sun enough times to be very believable and deliciously loving in her acceptance of others.  Be brave and take a big juicy bite of this much needed work of art. Teton is deliciously mad, maddeningly exquisite, exquisitely demanding, demandingly rigorous, rigorously challenging, and challengingly excellent! She is integrity in motion. 

- Dr. Scout Cloud Lee

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Keep Your Skin Beautiful & Your Body Clean with One Product


Keep Your Skin Beautiful & Your Body Clean with One Product


Do you know how much toxins you’re exposed to on a daily basis in our modern life? Lots! We are unfortunately exposed to tons of toxic chemicals in the air (inside and outside), water, food, and the personal care products we use. As a result, we end up living with so much of these toxins trapped in our poor body with our liver and kidney (our detoxification organs) overburdened and overtaxed.

And guess what? This accumulation of toxins show up on our FACE!

And, there is something we can do about it inside and out that is super easy.

OMG! My skin! I hear many women who are getting older complain about their sluggish looking skin. In addition to all the toxins you’re taking in internally, your face and neck are also absorbing other things flying around in the air externally. If you continue to allow toxins to accumulate in your body, naturally, your skin will take a hit and signs of aging will creep up on your skin prematurely.

It is vital that you cleanse inside and out periodically to rid yourself of toxins that accumulate. And doing so will help your skin become healthy, smooth, and glowy. You might be thinking that you don’t have the time or the money for some elaborate and expensive cleanses but there is another kind of cleanse that you can do regularly that is affordable and only takes minutes. And you can do it with one single product.

You can ingest this product to keep your system cleansing itself on a regular basis, and you can put it on your face to do the same thing. Yippee! You can use this simple, affordable method that keeps you aging beautifully!


What is it? It is Sacred Clay.

Clay is probably one of the most powerful supplements that you can use on a daily basis to sweep out heavy metals and other toxins that accumulate in the body as we live. This daily one stop protocol can sweep out these toxins and revitalize your skin all at the same time.

Here is how to use it:

In the body:

Take one tablespoon of clay in a glass of water each day. That’s all you have to do.

On the face:

For a quick facial, all you have to do is add some water and make a paste for your skin. Apply it on your face, neck and chest if you like, let it dry and then wash it off. I like to apply it about 15 minutes before my shower.

For the body & bath:

To bathe in it, add about ½ to 1 cup of clay in your bath water. When you drain the tub it will not clog your drains.  If you feel a flu coming on, or you have an infection, or perhaps you ate a toxic meal, Sacred Clay, in a nice warm bath will come to your rescue.

Keeping your system and your skin clean and revitalized on a regular basis will not only help you stay healthy, but it will also help you to age beautifully with smooth, glowing skin!

Here is some vital information about Sacred Clay and where you can get it:

  • Extremely small particle size for exceptional detoxification
  • High electrolyte content provides electrolysis at the cell membrane for the movement of toxins out of, and nutrients into, the cell
  • Mineral and electrolyte nourishment through the skin
  • Assists in the reduction of heavy metals, chemicals, and other toxins from the skin, lymphatic system, capillaries, and deeper tissues
  • Contains a broad spectrum of vital macro & trace minerals - minerals are required by the body for all chemical, hormonal and enzymatic processes

Go to Vitality Herbs & Clay and mention Susan Teton at checkout.

This company by far has the best clay for detoxification. Check out their other products and give them a call. They are super informative.

There are other protocols that can help revitalize your skin and keep it moist and beautiful. I have all kinds of other tricks up my sleeve to help keep you vibrant and aging beautifully. I would be happy to offer you a complimentary consultation, so give me a call and let’s chat…

Schedule a call now right HERE. I would love to hear from you. 

Want more tips from Susan? Subscribe and download her "I Love My Body Meditation" MP3.


A Beauty Formula That Starts in the Gut


A Beauty Formula That Starts in the Gut

celery juice

Recently a doctor on Maui contacted me after reading some of my newsletters. She thought we might work well together. Off I went to visit her, and before I knew it she was looking at me through a biofeedback machine. She then instructed me to make a 16oz fresh celery juice every morning and drink it first thing. 

To be honest, my first reaction in my head was, “Get out the juicer every day, every morning, oh geez.”

Don’t get me wrong, I liked making and drinking fresh juices, which comes with so many health benefits, but the thought of doing it every morning was a bit daunting.

But of course, I was committed to my health and well-being, and I knew that this would be good for me, especially for the eczema that popped up on my skin after the parasite ordeal I had recently. So upon instructions from my doctor, I promptly started my celery juicing ritual every morning.

I’m so glad that I did! I am now juicing more, digesting more, and eliminating more. The last little bit of eczema I had on my hands has fled and I am loving the lightness I feel. I also have spread the word to some of my friends, clients, and now you. Everyone is experiencing great results.


The deal is, celery juice is full of Hydrochloric Acid, and when consumed in the morning, it will strengthen your digestion for everything you eat, and in time, the minerals and mineral salts will help to restore your own stomach's HCL.

The thing is, as we age, our ability to create Hydrochloric Acid diminishes. (Have you noticed that you digestion is not the same as it was when you were in your teens or 20’s?) So drinking fresh celery juice every morning will greatly aid in creating HCL.

Why do we need HCL? HCL is our body’s #1 defense against disease-causing viruses, pathogens, and parasites. Number 1? Wow. Without it, our bodies cannot properly absorb minerals (selenium and zinc), which are vital for our immune system! And finally, without HCL, our food can just sit there in our gut, putrefying, creating a toxic ammonia gas that floats into our bloodstream and makes us tired and/or chronically ill. Yikes.

You might be thinking like I did, it’s too much work to juice every morning. Here are a few of things I want to say:

It’s totally worth it! Your skin will be glowing and digestion flowing. (Beauty starts in the gut!)

If it’s too much to do it every day, you can use juicing as a periodic boost.

You can do it regularly but less frequently.

Since “seeing is believing” as they say, I want to challenge you to go on a 2-week celery juice cleanse, just so you can see the amazing benefits of juicing for yourself. Write back (just hit reply to this email) and tell me how it is going. Do you notice any difference in your digestion, your flow?

Here are the simple instructions for the celery juice challenge:


Get out the juicer. Wash celery and make a 16oz celery juice (14oz works too) and drink it every morning. This takes almost a whole head of celery so be ready. (I have noticed that I can get three servings out of two heads of celery.)

*A note about HCL. You might be wondering why you can’t just take the supplement for HCL instead of juicing. I noticed for myself and others that the concentrated form of HCL in a pill is often too acidic for my stomach. This means I am taking too much. Because of the sensitivity of the HCL the nutrient cannot come in a huge burst. Getting your HCL from food is much more effective and your body will figure out how much to use. When drinking the celery juice you are also getting all the minerals and natural salts. So good for you!!

Now that you have the juicer out, you might want to make a refreshing juice for the afternoon.

My favorite juice combo is: carrot, ginger, apple, beets, parsley, cucumber, and lemon. You don’t have to use all of the ingredients though. You can play around and tweak as you like.  The point here is to make the juice. I mean the juicer is already out and needs cleaning. You might as well get your time, money and nutrients worth out of the procedure.

Here is what you do:

Have celery, carrots, apples, ginger, cucumber, and whatever else you are using, all cleaned and prepped.

While I am enjoying my celery juice I am cutting the veggies and juicing the next round.


When another juice is made, put it in a canning jar with a tight lid and refrigerate it for your afternoon treat. If you are going to be out for the day take it with you. You will so love having this fresh juice in the afternoon.

Wash the juicer. I really like my new Breville Juice Fountain. I love that it is fast and easy to clean. It also has this cool receptive container that has measurements on it so you can see how much you are making. It is very efficient. 

Supporting my system with juicing and other wellness routines are what keep me going strong at 72, but even more is that there is so much pleasure to be had in a fresh juice!

If you want to learn more about how to support your beautiful body so that you Age Beautifully, let’s set up a time to chat. Click HERE to schedule.



How to Unstiff Yourself in the Morning


Wouldn't you love to just wake up every morning and know exactly what to do to unstiff yourself and set yourself up for comfort and flexibility throughout the day?

I have met so many people who just want to head straight for the coffee pot, myself included. Or, some might pop a pill, hit the freezer for a shot of vodka, or light up the bong. You think I am kidding. I know people who do this. Some also, just dress, head out the door and sooner or later the back loosens or it does not.

Since I am one of those people who does wake up with a stiff back, and it takes at least an hour for me to wake up, there is no way I can start work, or go out for a walk or run without doing some sort of stretching. Even the idea of yoga sounds awful if I am stiff.

When complaining to a friend about how long it takes me to wake up, she offered her solution, “I wake up, pee and go straight to the yoga mat, and breathe myself awake.” OMG. A light bulb went off when I heard this. This I can do. My mind did not have to think a routine, or a lot of movement, or anything but walk to the mat. Somehow the mindset worked for me.  It sounded inviting, slow and peaceful, and has been my practice ever since.

I want to share this same practice with you, because so many people have back issues, particularly upon rising. And, this practice serves so much more than the back.

So, here is what I recommend. Set up your yoga mat or a blanket in a spot in the house where it will be waiting for you first thing upon rising. Relieve yourself, grab a glass of water and go to the spot and simply do the “cat cow” stretches - slowly.  If it is easy, turn on some soft morning music that feeds your soul.

Cat Cow instructions:

  1. Get on your hands and knees with your wrists directly under your shoulders, and your knees directly under your hips. Point your fingertips to the top of your mat. Place your shins and knees hip-width apart.
  2. Begin by moving into Cow Pose: Inhale as you drop your belly towards the mat. Lift your chin and chest, and gaze up toward the ceiling.
  3. Next, move into Cat Pose: As you exhale, draw your belly to your spine and round your back toward the ceiling. The pose should look like a cat stretching its back.
  4. Release the crown of your head toward the floor.
  5. Inhale, coming back into Cow Pose, and then exhale as you return to Cat Pose.
  6. Repeat.

Be extremely gentle and keep breathing. Chances are, if you are like me, you don’t stop there and instead continue on with a few more stretches. It depends on how much time I have.

The point here is to get on the mat and unstiff your whole back and bring some fresh breath into your body - “breathe yourself awake while loosening your back.” During this time you can also begin to go in and give your body gratitude and instructions for the day.

This practice will set up your spine for a more productive day, I am sure of it. 

My vision for you is to be comfortable in your body. This is important especially as you get older. Much of people’s back pain today can be alleviated. Since I have had chronic back pain for years, I have learned how to keep myself pain free, and that is with continual movement and strengthening.

Keeping our back healthy is so crucial at any age but especially as we get older. And speaking of getting older, today my interview is airing on the Menopause is a Trip Summit. Listen HERE for more valuable insight into the wonderful process we are living. You will also be able to download the “I love My Body” meditation mp3 for free.

Do you want to learn how to keep our back (and the rest of the body) healthy and more? I have got lots of tricks up my sleeve and I can’t wait to share them with you. Schedule a strategy session with me HERE.



Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!


We hear it, see it and read about it everywhere: aging, disease, cancer, obesity, heart disease, or conversely, longevity, vitality, health and fitness.  Do we choose or are we victims?

Is anyone out there concerned, frightened, disillusioned, or conversely are you motivated and inspired to create a new reality for the journey of your life?

In this new day, right here, right now, we have a choice on how we want to reach and live into our golden years.

Would you like to reach 70 ……. alive?

If so, what will it, or you, look like? Will you be carrying around an extra 40 + lbs., popping pharmaceuticals every 4 hours, and/or fighting a life threatening disease? Will you be able to bend easily, sleep well, adventure and play?

Will you have the energy to live another 20 years? Will you want to?

Will you have inspiration? Will you be active, playful, happy and healthy? Will you be living the dream you planned?

Or, will you have become a victim to old age?

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not judging that an extra 40+ lbs. is bad, particularly if you are at peace with it, or that taking a pharmaceutical is a sin. I am merely suggesting we ask ourselves these types of questions, and here is why.

There is a paradigm shift happening and we are at a place where we need to make informed decisions and inspired action, that is if we want to reach 70 alive and kicking. We are learning that we have a choice. Many of us who are 50 + are setting the pace for the younger ones, and redefining what it means to get old and ride on into our 70’s with great health and ease. While this is happening, many are still living in the old paradigm, one that means disease, weakness, dependency and victim hood.

Does any of this resonate with you? I challenge you to ask yourself and look deeply.

Let me tell you a couple of stories that you might be able to relate to.

Patricia is 62, and although she had a fairly good diet and was relatively healthy and active, she acquired ovarian cancer. After chemo, radiation and lots of love and help from friends, she resumed her busy life while maintaining the same lifestyle and diet she had before. She depended on medications to keep her out of pain and SSRI's to keep her happy. Within a year she needed major back surgery due to extreme pain (inflammation and emotional traumas). After that surgery and healing, she gained 15 lbs and needed to schedule hip replacement surgery for both hips.  She came to me to lose the 15 lbs. to lighten the load while trying to get around on her walker.  She is not about to give up meat, so we chose a Paleo type diet for her. She had to toss her nightly bags of popcorn and give up most of the bread she was consuming on the run. We created healthy treats for her evening binges, kept adjusting here and there and within 5 weeks she forgot to take her pain medication because she was out of pain. Whoa, we were so excited. Just by taking sugar and processed foods out of her life, putting in high quality veggies, protein and fats, she alleviated most her inflammation, dropped the weight and is on her way to surgery with new habits and a more assured prognosis for a successful surgery and recovery.  

Would Patricia have been able to alleviate a lot of her disease suffering if she had a better diet and lifestyle practices prior to her cancer? If she had healed her emotional trauma would this have helped too? Her motivation finally came out of crisis and a couple of years of pain and sorrow. Her back was against the wall. Can you relate? Is this where you want to go? Or, would you rather bypass all this and be strong and vital?

Here is the story of Bill, the 50-year old:

Bill is tall, nice looking and fairly strong. His diet is horrendous by most people’s standards except his. He does know better, but he does not do better. He eats at fast food joints, McD's for breakfast and pizza at Costco for dinner. He munches on milk chocolate color coated candies at night. He gets up in the am stiff and complaining of pain. He comes home at night moaning. One evening he blurted out, “Getting old sucks.” I could not help my big mouth by saying, “It is not your age or that you are getting old, it is just that you are not living in a healthy body.“ He nodded with a groan, "yeah yeah." This is the perfect example of what aging does when we don't fuel our bodies with what it needs - real food.  We can often get away with a lot of things that are not so good for us when we are younger, but as we get older and put more pressure on our bodies, they simply must have adequate nourishment. We simply cannot poison them anymore “IF” we want to be able to attend to a day of light labor and still feel comfortable in our bodies.  Bill has lost weight due to his physical activity and is looking good, but he is feeling horrible, in chronic pain, tired and often in an unmotivated depressed mood.

Where is he headed? Well, I certainly don’t have a crystal ball, but my guess is that unless he changes his ways soon he may be headed down the same road Patricia landed in or worse. The worst part about this is that he is not happy. He has so much to live for, a wonderful marriage with lots of love in his life, and 3 beautiful children.

The Story of Heather:

Heather is another client of mine that is a vegan and wants to stay a vegan. She is in her mid 60’s, quite beautiful, slim and suffering only from lack of energy and digestive issues. When looking ahead, she realized she was scared because she did not have a family to take care of her, and she still needed to earn a living. She was so tired all the time, she was not motivated to work. She has always been mindful of her diet, but we found she had been cutting corners for too long and was not giving her body enough nourishment or exercise. Even though she was not eating a bunch of junk, processed foods with sugar and bad fats, she was eating a lot of empty foods in the form of fast snacks. She also needed some colon and parasite cleansing. With new instruction, shopping ideas and enhanced motivation, Heather began to fuel her body, and move her body, which resulted in the increased energy and mental clarity she needed to show up for her job like she wanted. He enthusiasm and renewed motivation catapulted her into a new job she loves.

Why am I telling you all these stories? Because I am hoping you can relate and become inspired to step up your pace and get good at nourishing yourself. Free yourself from confusion, lose the unnecessary pounds you may be carrying around, decrease your inflammation, boost your mood and get ready for your future.

Making tweeks right now in your diet, will definitely begin to yield you noticeable results. How about you give yourself a challenge this week, and replace processed foods with real whole foods. If you do this, I know you will see results and you will set yourself on a new path to create a vibrant life until you decide to lay your body down and transcend. 

Are you with me?

I am not saying that it is easy for those of us that are already in our 60’s and 70’s because we are still fighting an old mindset. For instance, “retire at 65?" I wish. Many of us simply can’t because of financial means, and many of us can’t because we are sick. The statistics that permeate the media are frightening, while the fear of getting a life threatening disease occupies our emotional body, which stymies our creativity and motivation.  It could be different. Even if we have to work we can still be healthy and enjoy it.

Perhaps you are of the group that is in your 40’s or 50’s. This is a powerful time for you because you are at the pivotal time where what you do now; how you treat your body, your mind and your soul determines how you get to 60 and 70 in a vibrant state or at best alive.

This is why I am taking a stand for Aging Beautifully. It is possible.  This is also why I am launching a new program for A Course on Aging Beautifully. It starts with food and the latest in healthy lifestyle practices, and ends with a new vision of empowerment, freedom and vibrant health.

I have heard from so many people, some wanting to lose weight, many confused about diet, worried of the future, and living in a body that is not functioning right. It starts inside as a mindset and emotional trigger, then transfers to the action of what we put in hour bodies and how we move them.

If you want to create a new vision and reality for a long and vibrant life full of health and vitality, join me for this revolutionary

 A Course on Aging Beautifully

This program will help you achieve your desired weight loss, end confusion and free you from struggle once and for all. Food and diet are a big part of this program, but you will also become empowered with the latest lifestyle practices so that you can sail into a healthy future on purpose.

Let's plant a new vision and lifestyle just for YOU.

Check it out HERE.

There is limited space in this program. Is it right for you? Got questions?

Schedule a call for me and let's chat.


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I LOVE MY BODY MEDITATION: Create a loving relationship with YOU

 This is not me....teehee

This is not me....teehee

The is so much more to healing than what you put in your mouth. As many of you know I have recently been through a healing crisis, so to speak. I went through a parasite cleanse, and a bit of a transformation in how I spend my days, which is what I want to share with you. I want to say that my new practices and the cleanse are working wonders for me.  

Although I consider my spiritual practice strong, I realized that I did more thinking about it being strong, rather than actually “doing” or “practicing” the modalities required to build a solid spiritual practice. By this I mean, a practice that works for keeping my grounded, peaceful, and in touch with my deeper needs.  Another way of saying it, is that I needed to create a more intimate relationship with myself; my thinking mind, my physical body and my soul. I can't let this thinking mind run away with me if I want to continue to age with vitality.

In my webinar, I talked about how important our mindset is. This not only includes how we speak to ourselves but also how we should “not” speak to ourselves. By this, I mean two things: 1) Our thoughts are the beginning of form. We create what we think, so if we keep saying negative things to ourselves and feel bad, then we will create more of the symptoms we are thinking about. Speaking to ourselves lovingly and positively is what will create a loving healthy body. 2) quieting our mind and creating space to not only have peace but to listen is required if you want to get it touch with your deeper needs.  It has been conclusively proven that meditation alone works to alleviate cortisol and reverse some of the stress caused to our cells through the fight and flight energy many of us live in. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know this. You probably know this too. But, was I practicing it daily, or enough? I don’t think so, because I began to feel the side effects that stress had on my body. When I began to listen and pay attention I found that many of my thoughts had turned to fear, doubt and worry. I put out some diligence in inquiry and found new thoughts and attitudes actually began to turn my state of being around. How about you? Are your thoughts eating at your vitality, or are they adding to the vibrancy of your being?

To strengthen my practice and give my body the opportunity to experience more peaceful down time I am now doing two things listed below, which seem to be working well. The good new is that I really enjoy the time I spend in this practice:

1. Each morning I spend at least 15 minutes outside in nature. I am the slowest waker-upper, so this is easy for me. I just sit and enjoy the fresh air, the breeze, birds, whatever. I sort of meditate, but mostly just sit quiet and begin feeling a sense of gratitude. I throw in some prayers and intentions for the day – not about what I am going to do, but how I am going to “be”. I don’t think about my “to do” list. I "feel" into the essence of peace, joy and connection. I aim to take a few minutes through out the day to find a quiet space and tune into the energy I created in the morning.

2. Once a week (I actually put this in my calendar) I do a “I Love My Body Meditation”. I have included the instructions for this meditation below in an mp3 audio file. This is not so much a guided meditation, but you can use it for that if you like. It is more of an instructional piece that you can do on your own.

How we speak to our bodies is so very powerful. I can’t say enough on this. For those of you who listened to my webinar you may remember the story of Myrtle Fillmore, the woman who healed her multiple sclerosis by telling her body and body parts how strong and vital they are. There are many more stories of using your imagination to create and body that works like you want it to. It is through the imagination that the formless takes form. She went on to start the Unity Church. Once you begin doing this practice, you will be able to carry these thoughts with you throughout you day, signaling gratitude and vitality to all your cells and body parts. Trust me, this is what happens, and it works over time.

This is such a simple practice that costs nothing and takes very little time. I hope you enjoy it. I would love to hear from you!

With what we know today, there is no reason why we should not age with abundant vitality. Book a call with me Now, and let me help you achieve the vitality you deserve!

Aloha Blessings,  Susan Teton

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Almond Yogurt With Fruit - OMG!

Local Fruit with Mac Nut Yogurt

The dairy free yogurts are getting yummy. I love the almond yogurt and the coconut yogurt available now in most natural food stores. The biggest challenge is to find them "PLAIN" with no sugar added. What works for me is to use my own sweetener if needed at all. The best I have found so far is the "Coconut Nectar" Amber by Big Tree Farms. One teaspoon on anything and you can transform an already awesome dish. 

Shown Here:

Almond Yogurt

Strawberries, blueberries, banana and lilikoi (Passion Fruit)

1 tsp Coconut Nectar

This awesome dish is so rich, delicious and satiating! I am going to make my own Mac Nut yogurt since it is local. Then everything but the blue berries will be local. Stay tuned!!



Black Sesame Seeds on Veggies

Black Sesame Seeds

This dish may not look very appetizing, but let me assure you that it is not only delicious but extremely nourishing. Black sesame seeds are high in minerals as are most foods that are dark, black specifically. They are high in B-vitamins and iron and considered a popular anti-aging food in many parts of the world. Minerals are so important and most of us do not get enough. This is a very good way because you not only get the nourishment from the seeds but you have a whole new way to make your veggies rich and delicious!

Shown here is yellow squash, steamed for about 4 minutes. I blended the sesame seeds in my Vita Mix and stored them in a jar in the fridge.  Then they are ready for me to sprinkle on my veggies. So simple, satisfying and nourishing.



Raw Creamy Mint Dressing

Raw Creamy Mint Dressing

This dressing is to live for. It is full of nutritious power and really refreshing and delicious. You can use it on any raw veggie salad or cooked veggies, grains or whatever sounds good to you.  I find it lasts for about 4-5 days when kept chilled!

Creamy Mint Dressing

½  cup     sunflower seeds (soaked - 3 hours or longer)

⅓  cup     olive oil

½  cup     filtered water

¼  cup     lime juice

2         garlic gloves

¼  cup     fresh mint leaves (use dried mint if fresh is not available)

1 tsp         onion powder (or a chunk of onion – green onions are good)

¼  tsp     celtic sea salt

Blend all ingredients into creamy consistency. I love this dressing. It is awesome with mixed greens, chopped cabbage, sliced cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Keeps when chilled for about 4-5 days.





You Won't Fix This By What You Put In Your Mouth!

A few years ago I was feeling terrible, always tired while having some chronic inflammation nag at me from an injury I had a few years earlier. I had tweaked my diet, alleviated all sugar, deprived myself of some yummy red wine, and was still searching for another adjustment in my diet and exercise regime. I am sure I tried everything.

 Then one day, while standing in front of my supplement cabinet trying to decide which pill to take to “fix me”, I heard this voice come in loud and clear that said, “You will not fix this by what you put in your mouth.” Dang.

OK, then what? This insightful discovery launched me into another round of looking deeply at my mind, the thoughts that permeate it, and the ones buried deep in my sub conscious. I also needed to look more closely within my heart. What was I doing that I hated? What was I afraid of? What was I obsessing over? I took a close look at the lifestyle I was living inside and out. What was the truth about what I was experiencing? What was I trying to achieve and why? What did I want, really want?

Even though I had experienced several of Byron Katie’s schools, became certified in The Work, and had been a consumer of every spiritual book I could get my hands on, I knew I had more work to do within my own being. Maybe it never stops. My body was showing me that something was off. And so, I had to go into inquiry and find out what was off for me. This is what this full moon is asking of us now. We are being called to sift through all the information and figure out the deeper truth of where we are and where we are going.

 I found out that I hated part of my job, or better said, a part of my work.

Shortly after, at the recommendation of a friend, I attended the Avatar Courses in Florida. Within one year after I attended four of their courses, ending in the two week long Wizards Course. The courses allowed for deep inquiry and discovery. I find old stuff lurking in my sub-conscious that I would never have found without some help.  The best part, like Byron Katie’s Schools, were that one attending had the time and help to go deeply into inquiry. This is often difficult to do without a coach, a school or a teacher. Much of inquiry is experiential, meaning we have to experience something or at least the idea of something to find a hidden core belief running our show.

For me, I had to come to terms with the fact that I hated a certain part of my job or career I had chosen. This was ruining the part I did like. I was an excellent teacher, and designer of social projects, a decent writer, but mostly a gifted idea person. I was a good initiator. But, I sucked at the follow through most projects demand. I sucked at marketing, although I was good at the approach and design. I knew what to do, but I just could not get it done. I kept trying and I kept failing. Because I am such a good girl, I just kept doing whatever it took to keep going. I kept failing at it, but kept doing it. Dah! Talk about insanity. Anyway, as the oldest of four children, I found I had adopted the core belief that I had to take care of everyone and do whatever I could to finish a job - all by myself. But, when you own your own business, your job is never over.

So, I had to find a way to get to know myself better, inspire myself to do what I do best, and hire someone to do the rest. I also had to hire a coach. I mean really, how can we expect to be an entrepreneur and run a business when no one has taught us how. I surrendered to getting help, evaluated what I loved and did not love, and I looked at the thoughts I was thinking and made some changes. I also put things in my life that I love, like singing and more dancing. My energy and happiness returned, which mean my vibration escalated and my vibrancy returned.

In our world today we are operating without a road map along with too many road maps. We are in information overload. Since I am a certified addict to learning, I can hardly help myself from taking on every course that comes my way, read every book recommended, and listen to every riveting pod cast. To break my cycle, I recently started watching old episodes of Cheers. That was fun.

I share all of this because if you are not feeling well, or you are confused, and you can’t heal something even though you have impeccable self care, you may want to look closely at your thoughts, attitudes and the core beliefs that may be undermining you. This full moon is calling us to look deeply into our hearts as this is where our soul expression comes through. How are you? How are you really? Where are you going? Do you know? This is a powerful time for inquiry.

I also want to refer you to a pretty cool movie titled, “The CURE Is”. You can view it on Food Matters TV (  It may help you uncover parts of yourself you need to shift, or at least realize the power of your mind over matter, and how to open your heart with all you love. Go HERE to also take advantage of becoming a member of FMTV for only $1 for an entire month. If you don’t like it then just cancel after the month. FMTV is the greatest resource for health and wellness on the Internet. They have fabulous documentaries full of value for us to live abundant healthy lives. Go HERE to take advantage of this $1 dollar offer exclusively for the Chef Teton tribe .

Also, if you are confused about diet, supplements, your mental state, how to look more deeply into your heart, dismantle unhealthy core beliefs, and inspire impeccable self care practices, let's chat. Are you ambitious to live a great life? I am offering 20 minute complementary consultations to those who do, and I would love to hear from you. Go HERE to schedule.

Feel free to leave comments below. What is going on with you?

Many blessings and happy full moon! Susan Teton



Hemp Coconut Supreme


Hemp Coconut Supreme

OK, so I am not the best photographer. But, I make up for it by making food that is easy and nourishing and tastes good.

My method is often just finding the best products that can be turned into quick and easy meals. Coconut Butter is a must to have in your pantry. If you have not tried it, let me tell you a few things you will want to know about it, and then give you some ideas on how to enjoy it.

1. It is made up of sun dried coconut ground up into a butter. Simple. Just like peanut butter or almond butter.

2. You do not need to refrigerate it after opening, but you must be careful not to contaminate it with any food particles. If you do refrigerate it, it gets as hard as a rock and is not as easy to use.

3. When you first open it, the oils might have separated from the meat, like many nut butters do after sitting for a period of time. Just stir it up with a butter knife or spoon and blend until creamy.

4. Now for the good part. Try eating one teaspoon of this rich yummy on it's own. Amazing, right? For many this is a quick fix for a satiating sweet fatty dessert or bite to give them extra energy or just a thrill.  It works great for anyone wanting to get off sugar as it can substitute for sweet and creamy and is so very satisfying. I dare anyone to eat more than two teaspoons at a time, although you may want to. Take it slow and savor it. 

5. Uses may include spreading on it toast, adding to smoothies or adding some water to make a creamy sauce. I use this ingredient in my cocoa truffles. It is what sets them apart from others. Yum. You can also blend some with water for a sweet sauce over your fruit.

6. In the recipe above, I blended about a cup + of water to a heaping tbsp of coconut butter. I added about 1/4 cup of Hemp Hearts and a a tablespoon of flax meal. The result is a thick and creamy sauce. I pour it over my papaya (shown here with a sliced banana and cinnamon) for pure enjoyment and nourishment. Refrigerate the remaining for the next day or later in the afternoon. Play with these ingredients as they can be turned into a variety of beverages and sauces.

7. The Hemp Hearts can be used alone to make a quick hemp milk for smoothies or just a refreshing drink.

8. The flax seeds can also be used to sprinkle on top of the fruit salad. Remember they create a thickening to whatever liquid you add them to, so be prepared if you store some for a time, because it will be much thicker after it has sat for awhile. This is why I often just sprinkle them on just before I eat my meal.


Try it out, tell me how you like it. What amazing concoction did you come up with?




Teecchino with Coconut oil and Rice Syrup


Teecchino with Coconut oil and Rice Syrup

Caffeine & Sugar Free Teecchino Latte

I will admit that I am a hot drink fanatic. I love coffee as much as I love my life (slight exaggeration) , but it does not love me as much. So, I must drink it sparingly. A little bit of a sweet taste is something I also love, so when I experimented with Rice Syrup and Coconut Nectar for my 3 Part Video Series about getting off sugar, I was super happy. I love the flavors that these new sweeteners coming on the market provide.  Then there is Teeccino. Oh gosh, what a fabulous drink to replace my coffee with. I brew it up and blend it with coconut oil and rice syrup. OMG. Seriously, this drink is so delicious and satisfying. What is great is that the herbs it contains are excellent for nourishment and I can have a huge cup in the afternoon and still sleep at night. It is also good brewed up black. Give it a try, and give some of these new sweeteners on the market a try as well. YUM!