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Black Sesame Seeds on Veggies

Black Sesame Seeds

This dish may not look very appetizing, but let me assure you that it is not only delicious but extremely nourishing. Black sesame seeds are high in minerals as are most foods that are dark, black specifically. They are high in B-vitamins and iron and considered a popular anti-aging food in many parts of the world. Minerals are so important and most of us do not get enough. This is a very good way because you not only get the nourishment from the seeds but you have a whole new way to make your veggies rich and delicious!

Shown here is yellow squash, steamed for about 4 minutes. I blended the sesame seeds in my Vita Mix and stored them in a jar in the fridge.  Then they are ready for me to sprinkle on my veggies. So simple, satisfying and nourishing.


Teecchino with Coconut oil and Rice Syrup


Teecchino with Coconut oil and Rice Syrup

Caffeine & Sugar Free Teecchino Latte

I will admit that I am a hot drink fanatic. I love coffee as much as I love my life (slight exaggeration) , but it does not love me as much. So, I must drink it sparingly. A little bit of a sweet taste is something I also love, so when I experimented with Rice Syrup and Coconut Nectar for my 3 Part Video Series about getting off sugar, I was super happy. I love the flavors that these new sweeteners coming on the market provide.  Then there is Teeccino. Oh gosh, what a fabulous drink to replace my coffee with. I brew it up and blend it with coconut oil and rice syrup. OMG. Seriously, this drink is so delicious and satisfying. What is great is that the herbs it contains are excellent for nourishment and I can have a huge cup in the afternoon and still sleep at night. It is also good brewed up black. Give it a try, and give some of these new sweeteners on the market a try as well. YUM! 



Cauliflower Almond Meal

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Cauliflower Almond Meal


yum yum yum yum. This recipe is so easy and can actually be made with any vegetable (broccoli, squash, yams, green beans, chard). The sauce can be made on its own, then top on your veggie of choice.

Here is how I do it with cauliflower.

Almond Meal Sauce (this is a very basic recipe that could be more diverse with spices)

1/2 cup Barlean's Coconut Oil or butter or ghee

4-5 cloves of garlic (chopped)

1/2 cup Almond meal

water to blend

salt & pepper (a little cayenne if you like)

Warm a sauce pan, and put in the coconut oil/butter until it is warm wan bubbly. Saute the garlic gloves until almost golden. Add in the almond meal. This will make the mixture get very dry. At this time, add in the water to make a paste. Turn down the heat and cook the mixture for a few minutes. You may need to add more water until you get the consistency you want. A thick sauce is what I like.


Prepare the Cauliflower by washing it, and it breaking apart. The smaller the pieces the faster it will cook. Place the cauliflower pieces in a baking dish. Top the almond meal sauce around the top, and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes or until the cauliflower is soft.  Don't over cook it and let it get mushy. I like to broil it for a couple seconds just before serving so that the top gets nice and tan and crispy. It also tastes better when it is crispy!

Serving suggestions: On a bed of salad greens, rice noodles, or other steamed veggies.

Enjoy. Remember to use Barlean's Organic Coconut oil. It is the best!  Ghee is quite scrumptious too.

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Vegan Gluten Free Banana Bread - Radically Good!

Vegan Banana Bread

Are you ready for the bread of a lifetime? This vegan banana with millet is what makes this moist bread have a nice crunch to it. Make this for your friends for the holiday. Or, just for you. Hide it somewhere you can find it for a late night snack, or first thing in the morning. Such a yummy!


3 ripe bananas (about 1 1/2 cup)

3/4 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp chia seeds soaked in 2 1/2 cups water for about 20 minutes (use flax as well)

3 tbsp melted coconut oil

1/2 cup of brown sugar

3 1/2 tsp double acting baking powder

3/4 tsp Celtic Sea Salt

1/2 tsp cinnamon

3/4 cup sesame milk (blend 1 heaping tbsp of hulled sesame seeds with 3/4 cup water)

1 1/4 cup almond meal

1 1/4 cup gluten free flour or gluten free pancake mix (organic, of course)

1 1/4 cup millet (un-cooked)

Began Banana Bread


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line pan with a little coconut oil, the a sprinkle of flour of choice.

Mash bananas and combine all ingredients together, and blend thoroughly. Bake for one hour and 12 minutes, depending on your oven. Cool slightly before serving.

When ever I make this, I can hardly stand waiting till it cools. I go for it as long it is not too hot to hold. Notice it may be very moist at first, but it firms up after it cools. Yum, Yum, Yum

Vegan Banana Bread

Happy Holidays! Chef Teton




Bone Broth Soup w Cilantro

Since bone broth is the rave for many, and since it has become a staple in my house, I keep finding different ways to incorporate veggies with it. Of course, soups are perfect, but sometimes we want an easier version. Here you see this beautiful green broth (this is chicken but you could use veggie or beef stock). I added a hand full of cilantro and blended is in my Vita Mix. I can't even tell you how delicious it was. Top it with your veggies of choice.

I love to grate a raw carrot and some zucchini and other veggies in mine. You can throw them while you are warming it and then they cook just slightly. More of these to come!


Veggies a la Ayurvedic Style - Raita


Veggies a la Ayurvedic Style - Raita

Everyone always asks me, "What do I do with vegetables?". Well, here is the answer. Cook the Ayurvedic way. It seems everyone loves Indian food, and many think it is difficult to make. But, truly, it is so easy and you use the same spices and herbs over and over again in different veggie combinations. Once you have your herbs on hand, and try a few recipes, you will be on your way to making veggies the most delicious way possible. You will never get bored with them, and they will nourish and satisfy you at the same time. Plus, I think they are fun to make. 

Watch this short video and then give it a whirl. If you are interested in the Ayurvedic Healing Foods Course, check it out HERE.

Here is a short video showing you how to make a dish named "Raita" from my Ayurvedic Healing Foods Course. Raita can be made as a condiment or just a delicious side dish. Trust me when I say you should make this dish because you will swoon over it's amazing flavors. It will light up any and every dish you make. If you are a person who likes to eat dairy free, then use coconut yogurt.

Raita Recipe

2 cucumbers

3 tbsp Ghee

1/2 tsp cumin, black mustard and fennel seeds

1 pinch hing (optional)

1 pinch cayenne or chili flakes

1 handful of cilantro (about 1/2 cup)

1/2 cup plain organic whole milk yogurt

Skin and grate the cucumbers. Pour off excess juice (drink if you like). Mix with yogurt and set aside.

Heat the ghee in a saucepan over a medium heat. When the ghee is hot add the herbs and hing, cook a moment until the seeds sizzle and pop. Add cayenne or chili.

Remove from heat and add in the cilantro. Let cool and add in the yogurt/cucumber mixture. Serve as a side dish. 808-250-1535



Lemon Cake - Gluten Free - Paleo (sort of)

Lemons, lemons and lemons. I love lemon anything, particularly some sort of cake or dessert. Since I am a not a real sweet lover, I found a recipe which I would call "sort of Paleo". So, I adopted it and then topped it with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Here is the recipe:

Cake Ingredients

4 eggs

1 cup gluten free flour

1/2 cup almond meal

2 sticks of organic butter (I used Cultured Butter) softened

1/2 cup sugar (+ more if you want it sweeter)

2  tsp baking powder

Zest of one lemon and juice of one large juicy lemon

Topping Ingredients

Zest of 2 lemon rinds plus the juice

1/3 cup sugar or maple syrup

Mix ingredients for topping together and hold until cake is baked. 


Preheat oven to 350 degrees, and grease loaf or square baking pan.

Mix all of the ingredients together and then bake for 35 to 40 minutes. When the cake is firm, remove from the oven. Take a tooth pick and poke little holes all over the top. Then spoon the topping over the top of the cake. Let cool and enjoy. Refrigerate to store. 

This cake become firm, and quite dense. Since I am a lemon lover and not a sugar lover, I find I can sweeten things a little more if I use a little stevia with the sugar. The sweetness will also depend on how sweet the lemons are. If they are really sour, I would add a little stevia with the sugar or use more sugar. Up to you! 

Top with fresh berries. YUM!




Yam a la Stryian Pumpkin Seed Oil

Yam Pumpkin Seed Oil

it does not much better than this. Bake a sweet potato or yam until soft. Split and pour over Stryian Pumpkin Seed Oil, Celtic Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper. Unbelievable flavor, texture, and luscious satisfaction! Get the pumpkin seed oil and salt at Tel them Chef Teton sent you. If you are not enjoying their salts, then do so. They are by far the best.



Grilled Cheese with Cultured Vegetables & Soup

Grilled Cheese & Cultured Veggies

One day I had hardly any food in my fridge, but there was a loaf of Dave's Bread in the freezer. I seldom eat much bread, or cheese for that matter, but there was some aged cheddar that called out to me, along with a great batch of cultured veggies just living to be used in something creative. Grilled Cheese, yes! I assembled it and grilled it in Barlean's coconut oil. OMG! This was a better rich delight than a bowl of ice cream, and there was no sugar, which I seek to avoid.


2 slices of bread

two tbsp of cultured veggies or Sauerkraut

a couple slices of organic cheese (raw is best)

coconut oil


Preheat a skillet (with lid) to medium to high heat. Add a tbsp of coconut oil and warm. Place both pieces of bread open faced on cutting board. Arrange cheese on one piece of the bread. Then top the cultured veggies on top on the cheese. Add seasoning if you like.

Place the other piece of bread on top and place the whole sandwich in the hot skillet. You should hear a little sizzle sound. Put the lid on the top and cook on one side for just a couple minutes, checking often that yo do not have the head too high.

When the side down is golden brown, turn the sandwich carefully so that all the ingredients do not fall out. If necessary, put a little more coconut oil in the pan to that the new piece of bread can sizzle in the pan like the first one. Place the lid on top and turn off the heat. Let it sit for a few minutes until the cheese starts to melt and the bread is toasted to a golden brown.

Remove from the heat. Cut in half and enjoy alone or with a soup for a very fulfilling lunch.






Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats


There is really nothing like a scrumptious bowl of hot cereal almost any time of day, but especially on a cool morning. Personally, I love a bowl of steel cuts oats for lunch or an afternoon snack. Now, you can have gluten free steel cut oats from Bob's Red Mill. In this recipe I added a chopped apple and a few dates. Then I topped my steaming bowl with my holiday cranberry sauce flavored with doTerra's Wild Orange Essential Oil. OMG! I can hardly wait for tomorrow to make it again. 

Steel Cut Oats a la Cranberry Sauce

Gluten Free - Dairy Free


1 cup Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats

3 cups of water

¼ tsp of salt

Bring water to a boil. Add oats and salt. Reduce heat to low; cover and cook for 10-20 minutes (depending on how chewy you like your cereal). Stir occasionally.

Additional fun, and yummy foods to add to the oats while they are cooking, or use as toppings. In this recipe I added a chopped red delicious apple and 3 dates. The walnuts were soaked and rinsed and then chopped and topped before serving.

1.     Chopped apple

2.     Raisins

3.     Dates

4.     Walnuts (soak first and add on top)

5.     Coconut oil or butter

6.     Cinnamon

7.     Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce


4 cups of fresh cranberries

1-cup of sugar

1 ¼ cup water

zest of one orange peel

4-5 drops of doTerra Essential Oil – Wild Orange (optional)

(optional: chopped ginger or fennel)

Directions: Cranberry Sauce

Put all ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from the heat and let cool. 

The Products I Love

I love telling people about the products I use, because it makes a huge difference. I use what I find to be the best, so you will often see some of my recipe reflect a brand. I am learning to bake more and experiment with gluten free cooking and backing. So, you will see a lot with Bob's Red Mill products. They have such an incredible variety, made with impeccable integrity, which means delicious taste and texture.  I am also experimenting with non-dairy milks and creamers. NutPods has just come into my life. It is fantastic! Not over flavored or too sweet; great product



Swiss Chard a la Sesame & Flax/Pumpkin See Oil Sauce

These are my favorite Veggies made with what I call, the a la Oils method.

Swiss Chard and/or your favorite veggies steamed or boiled.

Choose any of your favorite vegetables and use the formula below for the most sensual healthy vegetables you have ever had. Amazing favorites include all varieties of Swiss chard and mustard greens. More rich and tasty dishes are mentioned below that include other vegetables like beets, carrots, broccoli, and squash; all prepared with the following formula:     

You Will Need the following 3 Basic Ingredients in addition to the vegetables of your choice: This dish is superb when made with Swiss Chard.


1.    An Excellent Oil:  Cold Pressed oil such as; pumpkin, flax, or oil blends, such as Barlean’s Essential Woman, Barlean's Omega Man, or Barlean’s High Lignan Flax Oil (the high lignans provide a delicious nutty flavor). These are all delicious oils.

2.    Sesame Seeds - (hulled, white raw seeds). Ground sesame seeds in a small coffee grinder to make them fluffy with a similar look to parmesan cheese. Store in covered glass container and they will last for weeks in the fridge.

3.    Organic Wheat Free Tamari and/or Celtic Sea Salt (Grey, or Flower of The Ocean from The Grain & Salt Society:

Wash vegetables and trim off big white stems from chard if you like. If the vegetables are not hard and do not require a knife, do not cut. Use your hands to tear them into smaller pieces. This will make them much easier to serve and eat.

Cook them by steaming or slow simmer. I have been told that the best way to cook Swiss Chard is to cover it with water, boil for 4 minutes and pour off the water and serve.

Transfer cooked vegetables into a serving dish.

I like to use a shallow casserole dish that is even on the bottom. If you have cooked the vegetables in water include a little of the juice – not too much as to dilute the sauce that you are about to make.

Here is the fun part!

Lavish the following ingredients on top of the veggies.

1.    Ground Sesame Seeds – put on a lot – cover the veggies (to get an idea of how much, use approximately 1 tablespoon for a single serving). It should look like it is covered with snow – nice and white.

2.    Pour on the oil – be lavish (you will want to use a minimum of 1 tablespoons per serving).

3.    Tamari to taste. Be careful not to use to much as Tamari can be overpowering and salty. A little goes a long way. You can always put on more after you do a taste test. I actually prefer to just use Celtic Sea Salt.

After putting on all the ingredients, take a spoon and gently kneed the topping around a bit. The sesame seeds will blend with the oil and make a light sauce with a rich sesame tamari flavor.

* Sesame seeds are the most flavorful for many of your favorite vegetables, but you don’t have to be limited to them. Ground pumpkin (pepita) seeds (raw) are also wonderful, especially on salads.

swiss chard



Chick Peas & Coconut Oil

Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans) & Coconut Oil

This is one of the best quickie dishes I ever made and still enjoy. I would open my classes by serving this dish as a way to introduce coconut oil. People raved. All you need to do is open a can of garbanzo beans, also known as chick peas. Warm them and then drizzle coconut oil all over them. Sat & pepper and enjoy.  As you can see in this photo I added some raw red pepper and cilantro. The red pepper is quite tasty with it. Actually, almost anything you add will be perfect!


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Best Carrot Cake Ever



My 70th Birthday had another round of carrot cake, brought back by popular demand. Well, actually we begged for it. The only difference in the recipe below and the carrot cake we all love is the flour. My friend makes it for me with fresh Einkorn flour. This makes for a wonderfully rich and hearty cake. You can use less sugar as well and it will still be delicious. There was enough left over that I cut it into small pieces and froze it in a place no one would find. All for me. Well, it is my 70th after all.

This is my nephew, Landon, who is showing off his version of the Radical Carrot Cake. Yum!

Radical Carrot Cake

2 cups         Sugar

1 ¼             Coconut Oil

3                Eggs

2 tsp           Vanilla

2 ¼             Whole Wheat Pastry Flour

2 tsp           Cinnamon

¼ tsp          Nutmeg

2 tsp           Baking Soda

½ tsp          Salt


2 cups         Grated Carrots

1 cup          Chopped Walnuts

8 oz can      Crushed Pineapple (optional)


Blend dry ingredients. The blend wet ingredients. Blend together until smooth. Add carrots and walnuts and other optional fruits.


Pour batter into baking or muffin pan. Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.



12 oz                   Cream Cheese

¼  cup        Milk

4 cups         Powdered Sugar

1 tsp           Vanilla


Blend all ingredients until creamy smooth. Spread over cooled cake.

Gluten Free Carrol Cake

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Blueberry Lime Crepe Cakes

This is the new name and version of high protein – low carb pancakes. They are so easy!

One bowl with a fork, or a blender, and one pan will do the trick.

Blueberry Lime Crepe Cakes

Batter Ingredients:

¾ cup          water

½ cup         gluten free pancake batter

2         eggs (organic of course)

1 scoop    protein powder (I use unflavored whey - vanilla would be well too)

1 tbsp         Barlean’s Forti Flax (ground flax seeds)

1 tsp        coconut oil

butter and/or coconut oil for cooking


½ cup         frozen blueberries (of course you can use fresh as well)

1 tsp        maple syrup, honey or sweetener of choice

Celtic Sea Salt to finish

Fresh lime to top it off

Cooking the Crepe-Cakes

Starting with the water, combine all ingredients into a Vita Mix or blender on the lowest speed. If you do not have a blender, then use a bowl and a fork to blend/whisk all the ingredients.

Heat a skillet on medium to high heat. Place a pat of butter, coconut oil, or my favorite, a little of both, in the skillet.

Blueberry Lime Crepe Cakes

Cook all the cakes you want. When you are cooking your last cake and have already turned it, add the blueberries around the edge. You can also remove the cake and then cook the blueberries. They only need to be in the pan for a minute or so. Add your sweetener of choice and maybe a little more coconut oil or butter just for some more decadence.

Remove from the skillet and top off the cakes. Top with salt and squeezes of fresh lime.

OMG, these are soo good!!!   



Tortilla Egg with Cilantro & Onion

tortilla egg with cilantro and onion

OK, so this is not the greatest picture, yet when I discovered this quick and easy dish I made it every day until my tortilla chips ran out. Now, I am not one for tortilla chips, but there was a bag in my house left over from a party that contained the best tortilla chips I had ever tasted. One morning, while starving for some nourishment after a vibrant yoga workout  I reached for a chip from the bag still lingering on the counter. The crispness and flavor surprised me and I wanted more. Since I am not one to eat chips for breakfast, even though it was a late one, I soon found myself poaching my usual egg.

Not wanting to let go of the chips I placed them on a plate ready to receive my egg. Once there I lavished it with chili powder, salt and pepper and then topped it with some fresh chopped onion and cilantro. That was it. Simple. Nourishing. Fulfilling. Delicious. The diverse textures that emerged provided even more flavor as some of the chips got soft while others remained crisp.

OK, I know you want to know what kind brand of chips that carried me away. They were the Organic brand of corn tortilla chips from Costco. The bag was huge, of course. Thank God!

Discover delicious ways to enjoy your veggies with my online course on Healing Foods  Ayurvedic. Why healing? Because they taste so good with the bounty of enhancing herbs and spices!



Birthday Carrot Cake for my 69th!

birthday carrot cake

My Birthday is on July 4th, and I am getting ready to celebrate. Friends are throwing me a big party for my 69th year of life. When asked what kind of cake I would love, I opted for my favorite Carrot Cake dripping with my kefir sugar cream frosting. The recipe below was created for the Teens Teaching Teens DVD series filmed years ago. I searched for the picture, and isn't it cool that it is "Red, White & Blue", our patriotic colors.

Last night in meditation I thought about all my Birthdays, all the fireworks and all the celebrations around the Declaration of Independence. Although we are very focused on our country's problems I would like to take a moment to celebrate what this day means in history besides my 69th Birthday.

Think about it. People actually gave their lives to fight for freedom and independence. That is pretty honorable. We have them to thank today. As a country we are very young, acting as though we are puberty sometimes. We are still working out the details of how to live with each other and other countries on this planet. It is a big job. As we are learning today that our feelings, thinking and projections are as important as our "doing", lets take this opportunity and feel gratitude for how awesome it is to have the freedom that we have. Let's thank those that fought for us. Let's focus on what is good and project for a beautiful peaceful future. Let's also eat lots of good cake! Have a fantastic fun 4th of July!

Trestle Carrot Cake

2 cups        Organic Sugar - Light Brown Sugar is awesome in this recipe

1 ¼ cups    Barlean's Coconut Oil

4                Organic Eggs

2 tsp          Vanilla

2 ¼           Whole Wheat, Spelt or Gluten Free Flour

2 tsp           Cinnamon

¼ tsp          Nutmeg

2 tsp          Baking Soda

2 tsp          baking powder

½ tsp          Celtic Sea Salt (fine ground)

3 cups        Grated Carrots (organic)

1 cup          Chopped Walnuts (rinsed)

8 oz can  Crushed Pineapple (optional)

Blend dry ingredients. Then blend wet ingredients. Blend together until smooth. Add carrots and walnuts and other optional fruits.

Pour batter into baking or muffin pan (oiled with coconut oil and flour). Bake at 350 for 40 minutes.

Kefir Frosting (this is my favorite frosting ever)

12 oz         Cream Cheese

¼  cup       Kefir

4 cups        Organic Powdered Sugar-Wholesome Sweeteners (something about this sugar that is delicious!

1 tsp           Vanilla

Add a lemon juice if you like!

Soften the cream cheese and kefir by removing it from the fridge before you start. It is much easier to blend if the ingredients are at a warm room temperature. Blend all ingredients until creamy smooth. Spread over cooled cake. Yum!!



Coconut, Flax, Maple Pancakes

coconut, flax, maple pancakes

  OMG! Pancakes never tasted so good and became so healthy. With these you will get a double whammy of Essential Fatty Acids with Barlean's new Flax, Chia, Coconut mixture, as well as Barlean's High Lignan Flax Oil, and Barlean's Coconut Oil!

Yes, that's right! Flax Oil on pancakes.

What makes these so good and hearty is the combination of excellent ingredients and fabulous taste and sensuality.


Use any gluten free batter.

1 egg (optional)

1 tbsp Barlean's Coconut Oil

2 tbsp Barlean's Flax, Chia, Coconut Oil (you can sprinkle this in the batter or sprinkle on top of the cake when cooking).

Cook cakes as usual in a hot skillet, with a little coconut oil.

While cooking the cakes, combine equal parts of Barlean's High Lignan Flax Oil and Maple Syrup.

Place hot cakes on plate and cover with Flax-Maple Syrup mixture. Add berries or any fruit of choice. YUM!!

This is a great way to get your children to get plenty of EFA's and high quality fiber.

Order Barlean's products HERE for 20% off and have them sent direct to your door fresh and yummy!



Sesame - Coconut Oil Yams

sesame coconut yams

This recipe is to live for! It is rich, succulent and full of nutrients. The flavors of these nutty oils and seeds combined with the sweetness of the potato delivers a rich and succulent meal.  It can be made as a single serving or a large dish to serve many.

I love it for dinner, and it is a great dish for a large party or potluck.


Yam, Sweet Potatoes or Winter Squash

Hulled Sesame Seeds (ground to a course powder)

Barlean's Coconut Oil (a combination of coconut oil & flax is also delicious)

Celtic Sea Salt

Bake or boil potatoes. Cool slightly and peel off the skins. Cut up into small pieces and mix together in a bowl. It is nice to mix them to a fairly smooth, but lumpy consistency.

Pour melted coconut oil over the top and knead into the mixture. Sprinkle ground sesame powder lavishly over the top. Then salt to taste.  Bake in 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes (until warmed throughout).

Measurements: A serving for one large potato calls for about 2 tbsp of sesame seeds and 1 tbsp of coconut oil. Use this ratio when making large quantities, and adjust coconut oil to preference.


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Chocolate Chip Cookies With Coconut Oil

chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil

Crispy, delicious and healthy all at the same time. Well, sort of. Seriously not to brag, but people say these are the best cookies they ever tasted. They are made with spelt flour, coconut oil, (instead of butter) organic brown sugar, vanilla, eggs, walnuts and organic dark chocolate chips. Basicially, it is the traditional Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe but with different ingredients that make for a hearty substantial flavor. I cut the sugar which also makes them less sweet. YUM!

Try them for yourself. 


2 1/2 cups    Spelt Flour

2 tsp             Baking Powder

1 cup            Coconut Oil

1 cup             Raw or Brown Sugar

2                    Eggs (whisked with a splash of water)

2 tsp              Vanilla

3/4 cup          Dark Chocolate Chips

1 cup              Finely Shredded Coconut Flakes (unsweetened)

1 cup              Chopped Walnuts

1/2 tsp or more of Celtic Sea Salt

Sift flour and baking powder together in one large bowl. Warm coconut oil and sugar together in a sauce pan. Be careful not to overheat the coconut oil with the sugar. You will be sorry. It will create a mixture that is impossible to get out of the pan. All it needs is warming enough to melt the coconut oil.

Mix eggs and vanilla together. Combine egg mixture with flour. Mix well and combine with coconut oil and sugar. Make sure coconut oil is not warm enough to cook the eggs. Mix well.

Next mix in chocolate chips, coconut and walnuts. Finish with salt at the very end. Mixture will be oily and may need about 5 minutes or so in the freezer to firm up for easier formation of cookies.

Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes. OMG! These cookies are divine. If you want to store them try freezing them immediately after they cool. This keeps them very fresh and wonderful to nibble on in the late afternoon with a cup of Mate.

Try using different types of gluten free flour.  You will find they always come out different, but they always come out GREAT!

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Onions & Garlic for Winter Immune Power

onions and garlic for winter immune power

This discovery came to me a few years ago when I had a bad cold. I researched what foods might be best for my healing, and onions and garlic came up. The way that I was taught to make them was to simply boil them in some water and store them in a glass jar in the refrigerator.

The idea was to have a couple tablespoons a day, or even twice today to build immunity, and scare away colds and flu. So, like a good girl, I made a batch. I think I did this several times for a couple years, but what happened is that they ended up sitting in the fridge without being eaten. Well a lot of good that will do me.

Then one day I threw some rough chopped onions and garlic cloves into a pan. I added a little bit of coconut oil, a splash of olive oil and a dash of salt. I turned on the burner very low and let them simmer until they were soft and succulent. OMG, I could hardly contain myself from eating the entire pan. They were so good this way.

This practice of cooking vegetables slow, with just the right herbs and fats can be the difference between the food sitting on your plate or digesting in your tummy where it can nourish you. This is what I learned when I discovered the Ayurvedic methods of cooking vegetables. So many people ask me what to do with vegetables. This is why I learned these methods and why I created an online course so that you can learn these easy methods that I promise will thrill you. Seriously, they are thrilling to watch cook, awakening to smell and delicious to taste.  The best part, they are just so simple.

Now you can learn these simple techniques in my new on line course called "Healing Foods - Ayurvedic". Check it out HERE. For a limited time, enjoy 10% off of our introductory offer.